Victoria's Secret

PRO Camouflage FX Concealer Palette

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Emily T.

The thing with concealers, you have to have the right tools and be light handed. I enjoy this because it covers my dark circles and skin pigmentation. It leaves me with a flawless look. All I have to do is blend my foundation with this product and gives me a flawless and radiant look!

Breann K.
Must have

I tried so many concealers before, and even one from Sephora, but nothing compares to this. I have dark circles that are so difficult to hide. I think the apricot color really made a difference in blocking out the darkness, and then I use the lightest color over that. My eyes look super bright. And I use the green swatch around the edge of my nose to hide the redness and discoloration. This is super thick stuff, so it helps to use the VS primer before, so it can easily be blended. It tends to settle into the lines under my eyes a few minutes later, but it can easily be smoothed out and lasts all day. I recommend this to all my friends <3

Jenna G.
always with me

I always take this camouflage concealer palette with me on photo-shoots and bridal parties. Every color in the palette does something diffrent, and the green is amazing at covering up and neutralizing blemishes and redness. I actually love using this under my airbrush makeup for extra coverage.

Sugar S.

After my horrible acne started appearing, I had acne and scarring since I have super sensitive and dry skin. This is my first concealer that I fell in love with. I tried so many other ones but I always go back to it. Now, this is NOT for everyone. Dry skin? Perfect for you! A lot of blemishes, scars, hyperpigmentations, uneven skintone, extreme reddness, heavy under eye dark circles? This product will cover ALL those problem areas. It's basically like a cheap Dermablend. I do not reccommend putting this all over your face, obviously b/c it's very heavy. But this doesn't really settle into my fine lines when i set it. Very blendable & creamy and does not clog my pores whatsoever. Great great great! I have been waiting to review this product. It's great for people with a lot of problem areas. If your skin is pretty even and good than obviously you will hate this product! I am talking about people who really want to hide things. <3

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Erica J.
colors are pigmented, the formula is to thick

I was really exited to try this out, when I went to the store I was talking to the girl about how I have been dying to try it. she looked at me with that look like "no you dont" lol. I went to test it out and although it was pigmented and (I only tried it on my wrist) I feel like it would cover up any blemishes/dark circles, it was really cakey & felt like clay....literally. The formula was awful! Some of the q-tip I stuck into the concealer got stuck in it! End result, i didn't end up purchasing it I hated it so much so take that into consideration when you read this! yuck, total miss in my opinion

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Alba G.
Great Coverage for every skin tone

Love this for those tired dark circles. amazing coverage & a flawless end look. I love to use the orange tone first then the 2nd skin tone color over the orange by tapping only and creates a high lighted flawless area under eyes

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