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Great smell, great results, great product.

I use this when I'm not deep conditioning and need a quick wash. Leaves my hair soft and smooth and smelling wonderful. Definitely do what the instructions say and wash it out with cold water!

Perfect for at home grooming!

So after some frustration with my brows, I let them grow in and let myself look like a caveman for a bit. In the meantime I was trying to think of solutions to give my brows the shape that I want. After some research I picked these. I was a little peeved that I had to pay 20 bucks for using one darn stencil but at the same time I'm glad I had the variety because I am definitely a medium arch and not a petite arch like I thought I was. The stencils are flexible so they "fit" around the eyebrow area so you can easily, brush, draw, etc.

This was definitely the solution to my eyebrow issues! Now I see why Anastasia is the brand for brows.

So this thing was an impulse buy at the dollar store. It looks great on my lips and the scent it nice but it's so uncomfortably sticky that I stopped using it after trying it 3 more times.

Perfect conditioning/exfoliating

It seems like everyone here uses it in the shower...gotta try that! I use it in the morning or night when my lips feel a little chapped...but not too chapped like I just came from Antarctica or something. Your lips will feel pretty smooth after a good rub, and you really don't even need that much! It tastes awesome as well, but try not to lick your lips too much or you'll be chapped again soon (saliva is one of your lips' worst enemies)! Finally, like someone previously said, you definitely cannot read what's on the tube cause the text is in white! Who the heck let that one slip!?

I love this lip balm mostly because of the packaging, it's really neat! I use this when I'm at work or anywhere else where I'll be indoors where I don't need to worry about sun protection since this has none...but that doesn't stop me from buying it cause it's just too cool to pass up. I also love the fact that it's paraben free and mostly organic. Makes me feel good about what I put on my body. Vitamin E is always good for your skin so that's always a plus!

Two salon quality hair treatments for the price of one

I was VERY skeptical about dropping $60 to try this, but one thing that eased my mind was that this is two applications. Every container (except the reconstructor, but they give you a lot of it) has a halfway line so you know how much product you can use. The kit is almost like any relaxer kit, there's gloves, thorough instructions, mixing stick, containers with step numbers on it, etc. They claim it doesn't smell bad cause of the amount of natural ingredients found in the formula, but I still smell a faint smell but it's not like the horrible rotten egg smell you get from a typical box perm.

The application is like any other perm: only apply to new growth, don't leave it on too long or else it'll burn, don't scratch your scalp or it will burn, etc. I left it on for the max time cause I have very coarse hair and I haven't permed it in about a month or two cause I gave up on my hairdresser.

When it was time to wash it out they give you a neutralizing shampoo that turns pink when there is still relaxer in your hair. Next you add the reconstructor for about 10 minutes and wash it out.

The end product looked great! It's shiny and beautiful, and it looks like I went to the salon. Some of the sephora reviews are saying continued use will produce healthier and stronger hair, which I totally believe with all the good stuff the formula is packed with like egg proteins.

In the end, it totally is just a box perm, but with proper and continued use you're looking at something that's not just going to relax your hair and make it straight, it's going to strengthen it as well and keep it looking great. Don't let the $60 price tag discourage you!

No makeup on my towel!

The one thing I wanted my makeup remover to do is not leave any trace of behind on my towel when I wash my face. This definitely does it. When you apply this to your face, it melts quickly (like a balm should!) and the makeup just basically "melts" off your face. I use a gentle cleanser to wash everything off and if I use a white towel it's still white when I pat my face dry. I don't apply anything too thick to my face nor do I use more than 5 or 6 products at once so I'm sure this attributes to the success I have with this stuff.

Butter knows Color

I cannot find any colors that are similar to the colors Butter carries. I have artful dodger and blagger, and am planning to grow my collection! They apply well and I use about a coat or two. The carcinogen free polishes make me feel good about applying it to my nails, being mindful of what we put on our bodies is something to seriously consider, even if it is just your nails!

Good stuff, keep away from eyes!

I put this stuff on after applying some makeup remover and all my makeup is gone, this stuff is great. It's gentle, lightly scented, and removes dirt and makeup well. I was a little weirded out that it doesn't lather but that doesn't matter as long as it's cleansing my skin! Just be careful: you will burn the crap out of your eye if you get it in one.

Fruity-tutti pretty hair!

First thing I did when I saw this in sephora was take a good long sniff of this. It smells so fruity and nice! I conditioner wash (co-wash) my hair with this once a week and use it when I want to deep condition my hair. When I wash it out my hair feels silky and smooth. When I first used it I kept on rinsing cause I thought the silky texture in my hair was cause the product wasn't rinsing out! My hair always looks (and smells) great when I use this conditioner. Gonna have to go get the Tui shampoo and oil now!

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