Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

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Melanie G.

This product is a solid balm that turns into a oily cream consistency on contact. You are supposed to apply it to your face when its dry, which I was super hesitant about but I figured I’d give this product the benefit of the doubt and massaged a little bit onto my dry face, making sure to rub it onto my eyelashes to remove mascara. It was SO easy to do…I was extremely surprised. Of course I was positive there would be some sort of film left on my face from not using a washcloth to remove it, but again it surprised me! All I did was splash water on my face a few times and it felt super clean with no residue at all.

As for makeup removal, it does a stellar job! I usually follow this up with my regular cleanser and cleansing brush, but there are some days I’ll just use this Clinique balm to remove my makeup and head out the door to the gym. My face towels are white, so if there’s any makeup left on my face I’d see it, and almost always there is nothing on the towel! The trick with this balm, though, is to make sure you’ve covered your face completely with it to remove all makeup. There are times I’ve missed places like under my chin and I’ll end up seeing the makeup on the towel after. If you make sure to get all areas, though, this balm will remove everything, including mascara. No raccoon eyes! And also as an added plus, this balm did not make me breakout at all. I was really worried about it doing that (my forehead is super breakout-prone), but I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and have not broken out at all! The only small downside I have for this (like others have mentioned) is that I’m not a huge fan of having to dip my fingers in the product to get it out, but its a very small price to pay for how well this product works and how easy it is to use. Overall, I’d highly recommend this product!

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Suzi N.
Removes everything!

A small amount of product removes an entire face of make up. It even removes all eye make up including waterproof mascara. Make up removal is done in a jiffy!

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Kitty K. Moderator
Favorite make up remover/balm!

I was on the edge when ordering this product due to the Ethyhexyl Palmitate present in the ingredient list, because of it's comedogencity rating. I haven't had any issues using this cleansing balm with break-outs (Since it comes off and isn't left on the skin). I have been using this as part of my first cleanse.... rub in circular motions gently on the skin and it removes everything - including my budge-proof inglot liner. I usually clean off with a fresh hot wash cloth and my skin is left bare for the next round of cleansing. This balm makes first cleanses/make up removing feel absolutely effortless. I don't use waterproof mascara's so I can't say how well it would work with one. This product is definitely staying in my skincare routine for awhile.

Andrea Marisa S.
This takes everything off... serious business yet gentle...
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I have written a full review on this and it can be found at

This balm takes everything off. It means serious business by quickly dissolving all of your makeup yet is gentle on the most sensitive of skin types. Leaves no oily residue and you don't have to cleanse your face after this if you choose not to... I do but only because I like the act of washing my face with a separate cleanser though I've used it on its' own also with no ill effects.

If you haven't tried this you don't know what you are missing... run out and get one ASAP wherever Clinique products are sold near you...

Jasmine G.
No makeup on my towel!

The one thing I wanted my makeup remover to do is not leave any trace of behind on my towel when I wash my face. This definitely does it. When you apply this to your face, it melts quickly (like a balm should!) and the makeup just basically "melts" off your face. I use a gentle cleanser to wash everything off and if I use a white towel it's still white when I pat my face dry. I don't apply anything too thick to my face nor do I use more than 5 or 6 products at once so I'm sure this attributes to the success I have with this stuff.

Nikki F.

I like this product. It removes make up quiet quickly and doesn't leave a greasy film which was my initial concern when I first started got it but I was looking for something new to remove make up after a reaction to a cleanser. The balm quickly turns to a liquid that melts off your makeup quickly and I use two damp cotton pads to remove it. Its handy and doesn't take long and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Hope this helps!!

Ashli-Mei J.

I found this great to remove my face make up, but not very good for removing my eye make up. I stopped using it on my eyes because it would make my eyes all blurry and I couldn't see for awhile. And I don't like the packaging, I don't like anything where I have to put my fingers in and scoop the product out. Product just always gets stuck under my nails and I think bacteria gets into the product easier that way.

Sam H.

This product doesn't remove heavy make-up. And of you that wear quite thick make-up like me this product won't work, save your pennies! If you wear light make-up it would probably be great for you, but agree with the review below..there's nothing I hate more than having to scoop product out, find out you have too much on your hands put some back in get bacteria all in it..yuck!

Natalie C.
Hate It!

To spend that much money on a product that doesn't get rid of your ENTIRE facial makeup is a fail for me. Just like the liquid version of this product, it leaves a silky film which feels nice at first but then I realized it was clogging my pores and I had to rigorously wash my face after to get rid of that film because it feels gross when your skin is dry. Also, it didn't even get rid of my mascara, which WASN'T even waterproof. This comes in a large tub like the picture so it's not hygienic because your fingers are getting into the product every time you use it.

This product is just a complete fail for me!