Mario Badescu

Enzyme Cleansing Gel


Clisty B.

There is the nicest scent to this product, I can't put my finger on what the scent is, but I love it! The best part is that the scent is just right. Not too strong, which is a good thing. I've heard that in order to achieve a strong fragrance, there needs to be a large amount of alcohol (hello dryness!) to keep the scent around. So it's a great that the scent is subtle in this product. This wash is not one that will foam and bubble, which can be hard to wrap your brain around since we generally feel that a cleanser is working when it bubbles foams and froths. Not necessarily true. Products that have a high foam and bubble lots have to have drying agents in the mix to achieve that. No bueno when we're talking face wash. The best part about this cleanser is that after I dry my face, I'm not scrambling for my moisturizer because my face feels like its cracking. This is the first cleanser I've used that doesnt give me that dry feeling after washing with it.

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Katie M.
Worth the price tag!

I filled out the questionnaire to get samples and I fell so deep in love with this product! I was so sad that the only place I could buy it was online because I hate online shopping but the Ulta began carrying it and I nearly jumped out of my skin! This really improves my skin by removing all the bad stuff but leaving the good stuff in! I'm not rushing to get to a moisturizer afterwards, either. I'm a firm believer in the fact that skincare products should be an investment but this goes above and beyond and it is 100% worth the money you'll spend on it. Ulta sells travel sizes for about $9 I think if anyone wants to try it out. I cannot live without this!

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Angel C.
Can't live without!

I have a ton of Mario Badescu products, and this is one I definitely cannot live without. At first I wasn't a big fan of the gel like consistency because I was just so used to be cleansers always foaming, but after a few uses I began to love it. It's so refreshing on the face, and it really does get down deep to remove dirt and oil. You will feel refreshed literally within seconds of rubbing this cleanser onto your skin. Plus the scent is very earthy and just makes me feel better about putting it on my skin. It just has that natural scent to it that is refreshing, and makes me feel like I'm feeding my skin a bunch of nutrient rich goodness! It has also helped combat my acne. My face has never looked so good! Thank you again Mario Badescu for being my skin's saving grace!

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Liz M.
My new everyday cleanser

Ever since I got hooked on their Glycolic Foaming cleanser I wanted to try more stuff from their line which lead me to this Enzyme Cleaning Gel. Like others below have mentioned it does not foam which of course I'm not used to but I still feel the cleaning effects. I use this everyday in my daily face routine and my skin always feels refreshed!

Jasmine G.
Good stuff, keep away from eyes!

I put this stuff on after applying some makeup remover and all my makeup is gone, this stuff is great. It's gentle, lightly scented, and removes dirt and makeup well. I was a little weirded out that it doesn't lather but that doesn't matter as long as it's cleansing my skin! Just be careful: you will burn the crap out of your eye if you get it in one.

Gracey W.
New Favorite Cleanser!

I got this after filling out the questionairre on the Mario Badescu Website, and they sent me a few samples to try that would be good for my skin based on my answers. I LOVE this cleanser. It has a very light scent. It gets rid of any small whiteheads I have, removes makeup, and my skin feels so clean after. I get dry spots around my mouth and nose and those have been less frequent since using this cleanser, and doesn't dry out my skin. It doesn't lather, which might be a problem for some people, but I personally don't mind if a cleanser doesn't lather up.

Annie O.

I'm with clisty beneath me. This product is another swear by in my book because of how well it works I feel like your skin really does glow after using it. The gel is nice to because you know its getting all your skin like a big mask of moisture and it comes off too easily without a leaving behind a nasty residue

Vanessa H.

I absolutely love this so much that I not only use it on myself, I also use it on my clients. Helps remove dirt and dead skin cells. It brightens the skin and leaves it fresh. It looks like you have a new face lol. I like to use it with a facial brush to help generate the blood cells in the face and enhance the exfoliation process.