Carol's Daughter

Tui Hair Smoothie


Jasmine G.
Fruity-tutti pretty hair!

First thing I did when I saw this in sephora was take a good long sniff of this. It smells so fruity and nice! I conditioner wash (co-wash) my hair with this once a week and use it when I want to deep condition my hair. When I wash it out my hair feels silky and smooth. When I first used it I kept on rinsing cause I thought the silky texture in my hair was cause the product wasn't rinsing out! My hair always looks (and smells) great when I use this conditioner. Gonna have to go get the Tui shampoo and oil now!

Tiffany G.

Another miss for Carols Daughter in my book. This has tied for being the worst conditioner I have used. It left my hair very matted. It did not tame my fizzy nor did it make my hair more manageable.