Paw Palette

Regular Red Glitter Mini Luv



Danina D.
awesome product!

I'd heard about paw palette for a long time and ordered this about a year ago. I have a small wrist and it adjusts perfectly! Easy to sanitize and use. I mostly use it for makeup jobs with clients, and not for my personal daily use. I've recommended it to tons of people!

Mariko P.

I am not a professional MUA but I use this everyday for myself! :) I love applying my liquid foundations on my Paw Palette instead of the back of my hand because I waste so much product when using the back of my hand. When I swipe my foundation brush across the back of my hand to get product, I find that some of the foundation gets absorbed/blended into the back of my hand = wasted foundation. However, when I use my Paw Palette, I am able to use all the foundation thats pumped onto the Palette. I haven't tried the other Paw Palette designs, but I LOVE my Red Glitter Mini Luv, it's adorable and the perfect size! Also, as Olivia mentioned, although the palette is a bright, sparkly red color, this will NOT distort the shade of your foundation. If you are a traveling MUA, I suggest you also carry a small bottle of isopropyl alcohol to clean the palette, the makeup comes right off! :D

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Asia W.

I love it. I have abnormally tiny wrist and all the other wrist palettes don't fit or cut into my skin when I try to adjust them. The strap on this fits snug as a bug in a rug and it super comfy.

The palette itself is durable, looks great & does not distort colors. Easy to clean, easy to store.

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Olivia D.

I absolutely LOVE my Paw Palette! This is such an amazing product. Any one who is looking to apply their makeup in a sanitary way, its a must. Having them with a strap makes it easy to use and fun arm candy! very durable, and easy to clean!

Even with the fun bright red and glitter background, this does not distort the color of your product while on the palette. For example, when color matching foundation to a client or to yourself, that shade will look true to color on palette.

Fun little tip: I always bring mine when I plan on getting my makeup done at a counter, or by a freelance artist! You never know if they have a palette!

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