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t r.

everyone is right! this is a gorgeous piece for your nightstand/vanity table….but it is small, really small---in width and height…so those long brushes can tip over… (think Chikahoudo gsn line).

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Laticia S.
Beautiful and useful!!!

This brush stand holds my Anna Sui brush and hand mirror and it's such a beauty to add to my vanity! I love the designs and the color is neutral enough to fit anywhere!

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Nikole M.

Very pretty design it's subtle yet beautiful it's the right size to hold my face brushes but you couldn't fit to much in. I love it and recommend it to everybody

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Molly U.
Cute, quality!

I bought this to hold my brushes (duh). It's a very good size, and is made of a high-quality, heavy plastic. It's super pretty, and as well-made as I knew it would be. Definitely recommend!

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Sarah M.
Cute, petite way to hold your brushes!

This brush stand is both elegant enough to be displayed & practical for storing quite a few brushes. The only downside (& it's a very small one) is that it's on the small side. Unless you only have a a small set of makeup tools or only want to display your best ones, you'll run the risk of cramming in more than it can hold. Still very cute & great quality for a decent price!

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Melanie Z.
good quality luxury item

This container is polished glossy black and high quality and decently large in size. It's high quality plastic and not heavy and unbreakable. Good if you want to showcase/protect a small and good quality brush collection.

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Arlene H.

What a beautiful piece. I am very glad that I bought it. Great quality and reasonable priced. I

Yunah L.

You will love this stand if you put your makeup brushes and put into your table. It makes your makeup table to look beautiful. I absolutely love this design!

Laticia S.
Perfect for a vanity

I love this tray because it hold my Anna Sui hair brush and hand mirror as well as adds beauty to my work space! I'm sure it could be used for makeup brushes as well but I use mine for hair accessories. The colors and design a re delightful!