Beauty Product Reviews

Refreshes gel liners like a dream!

This is something I keep in my professional kit at all times. It can be used to waterproof ANYTHING. It's also great to add moisture back into my dried out liners. It's great to adhere glitter (be careful for sensitive skin, can irritate sometimes) to the eyelid.

A staple for my kit!

My FAVORITE gel liner. They have great, unique shades. Extremely long wearing and waterproof. I suggest getting duraline to refresh them once they dry out a bit (which takes a while.) overall an amazing product and a must have.

I use my Naked a lot more.

To be honest, with this palette I gave into the Hype and bought it. Obviously I LOVE Urban Decay so I was probably going to buy it anyway. But for my skintone, I much prefer the warmer colors in the Naked, as opposed to the cool tones in Naked 2. However the product itself is amazing, as all other UD palettes, I just wish there was more matte colors! Urban Decay is my favorite brand for eyeshadows, so of course I will use it more and learn to love it, but it wasn't an instant attraction.

Perfect Summer Scent!

I love this! I used up a small bottle over the summer and recently invested in the biggest bottle. Anyway, this perfume is wonderful. It has a beautiful citrus scent. It makes me feel fresh and young. It doesn't have the best lasting power, so it's more like a body splash than a perfume. Love it!

AWESOME for liquid foundation! and a GREAT price!

I bought mine at target, and now I have 2 for my kit!! I LOVE these for liquid foundation, it doesn't suck up as much product as a lot of other brushes I have used. Also, its good for mineral powder (although I hardly ever use it). It gives a great finish and never sheds! the only problem I had was that it tends to stain a bit if not washed right away, but I can look past it!

Didn't dry out my skin!

I have dry skin, and sometimes foundations dry my skin out. This didn't! Unlike many other drugstore foundations I have tried, this had a medium coverage and didn't have too yellow or pink undertones! Before this I was using MAC Face + Body foundation, and it was my favorite... but I found a replacement! Another plus is that it has a pleasant, light scent. Love it!


I am a blush JUNKIE. I love it! This product is great for doing makeup on others, and also great for your own collection! All the colors are VERY pigmented and they have a variety of finishes & colors :)

My GO-TO Foundation!

I picked up this foundation on a whim, but I am SO happy I did! This foundation is AMAZING for my dry skin, it keeps my skin looking fresh and dewy and NOT cakey or dry! I even mix it with other foundations to make them a bit more lightweight, I ADORE this foundation! It has a lighter coverage, but with the Pro-longwear concealer to put on blemishes and undereye circles, it looks amazing, Also, it photographs AMAZING! It makes my skin look SO fresh!

I think it is also the best deal from MAC, you get A LOT of foundation compared to there others, it lasted me 6 months!


I have heard SO many bad things about this primer, people saying it made them break out and it was to oily blah blah blah. Well, I LOVE it. I have dry skin, and using this product helps my makeup stay looking fresh and dewy, and last LONG! I love it! It also does a great job of smoothing out my face, making it easier to apply foundation!

TIP: use your foundation brush to apply the primer, it helps when you apply foundation (with the same brush) because it is a bit slick, your brush will absorb less product. It also helps prevent your foundation from looking streaky!

disappointed! :(

I bought this with pretty high expectations. Previous to this concealer, I was using the MAC pro-longwear (which I LOVE), The first day I used it on my under eye area, it was great when I applied it, but when I looked in the mirror about an hour later, it was creased, it made my eyes look dry, and it looked like I had WRINKLES! I'm 17! I dont have wrinkles! This is a NEVER use product for under eye, but I like it to cover red blemishes. However it does NOT last long, and it is a bit hard to blend :(.

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