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Like your favorite pair of jeans...

...this baby never goes outta style. I have been using MAC Studio Fix Plus Foundation powder since I was 16 years old. While I'm not a huge fan of MAC's foundations in general (they are too reactive to most ppls skin) this powder foundation is one that I never leave behind.

At any one given time, I always own two of these: One to carry in my purse, and one to keep at my vanity at homebase. Currently I'm wearing N4 and apply with a MAC Kabuki brush (SO much softer than Bare Escentuals brushes, btw). It evens out my skin tone, lasts all day, and doesn't clog my pores.

On good "face" days, I use this by itself. On "okay" face days, I put it over a tinted moisturizer and on "ick" face days set my foundation with it. It applies beautifuly in all situations without being too powdery and never cakey. It is the perfect not-too-sheer/not-too-heavy alternative to things like Estee Lauder's Double Wear powder (I'm color: Ecru in that).

Oooo and don't forget that you can Back 2 Mac these babies. Save 'em up and turn six in for a free Lipstick! My picks: Craving and Cosmo

Dupes are out there for Sublime Culture!

Just posted Dupe it up: Dupe for MAC Creamstick in Sublime Culture <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>

Long story short, Rimmel Exaggerate Retractable Liner in Addiction is almost an exact dupe for Sublime Culture, at a fraction of the cost (4ish dollars vs. 17.50) check it out!

One of my favorite lipstick formulas

This is, hands down, one of my favorite lipstick formulas regardless of it's drugstore price.

They are highly pigmented, soft, and long lasting. I would match these up against MAC anyday, and these might win. Their creamy texture lends to more of a sheen in it's finish. They do not dry out my lips and I generally get a 3-4 hour wear out of them (without eating, but WITH drinking coffee, etc).

The color range is great and my favorites are Vintage Pink (plum pink), Coral Shimmer (peach-coral) and Rose Blush (peach toned-pink)

A winner in my book!

Check out my review of Perpetual Peach here:

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Log story short: I love these lipsticks. Long wearing without the tight dry feeling. Wish the price point was lower, but anxious to try the more bold colors!

Beige - which isn't beige at all.

After years of buying the sticky, tacky, glitter chunk glosses from my local MAC counter, I ran across these during a <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a> 50% off sale. I figured that for the price, I didn't have anything to lose. I order five of them and Beige is my, hands down, favorite.

The problem - the name. How can Beige not be beige at all? It's a gorgeous soft, "looks good on everyone" pink. A total sleeper in the bunch.

These glosses are shiny and beautiful, without a single hint of tacky. Wear time isn't great, maybe 3 hrs tops, but price point makes it worth it.

My second favorite is Juicy Red. It's barely there, transparent, color gives me the perfect piece to my "no makeup" look

Saving Grace During the Summer - or a night on the town!

These are my saving grace, I am rarely without them.

I have combination skin and it is inevitable that I am going to get oily in my t-zone throughout the day, or *gasp* a night on the town. General rule is to put something powdery on top to soak up the oil, but the more powder you add, the more of a muddled cakey mess you get.

Enter blotting papers. Imagine removing the oil from your face instead of simply covering it up! You press one thin little sheet, which oddly resembles tissue paper, into your skin where you need oil absorbtion and VOILA - oil be gone!

They're small enough to fit into any clutch and an essential part to my touch up routine.

Tip: In a bind you can use the toilet seat covers in the bathroom. They have a similar "absorbtion" property to them. Insider tip!

Was surprised that this compared to my MAC Studio Fix+ Powder

I was surprised by this product.

Generally I use a liquid or cream foundation and set with my MAC Studio Fix Powder to give a little added coverage. I've switched out my Studio Fix for this all week, and saved a bundle in not having to replace my beloved MAC product.

The coverage isn't heavy enough, for me, to use alone, but it's perfect to put over a lighter coverage foundation to get a matte, flawless appearance.

I touch up once during the day with oil absorbing sheets, and I'm good to go. Photographs well and you can't beat the price point! There are three colors that I saw. I skipped the transluscent and picked the lightest color with coverage.

Beige is quickly becoming a go-to color

Quick review: Beige is quickly becoming a go to color for me. The title is misleading, however, as it is a soft pink and not at all beige. Can't beat the price and the formula is as stick-free as a gloss can get!

Color: The color itself has just enough neutral tones to go with any skintone. It is a soft pink that is more bubble gum than beige. It is neutral and soft, but has a bright enough pink to lift your complexion as well.

Suggested Uses: As a very pale complexioned person, I find that this is the perfect color for so many uses: easy pair with a strong eye, soft pink for brides, and quick dose of color for a low-makeup day.

Formula: I find the formula creamy and smooth without any hint of stickiness. The packaging is easy to hold, with a square shape, and I appreciate that the tube is clear so you can both see the product color and know when you are running low.

Cost: Can't be beat. Inexpensive product with a great formula, color pay off, and stick-less-ness makes it a WIN in my book

Buy me or Skip me: Buy Me! Maybe buy two!