Beauty Product Reviews

I have always been a fan of Revlons Colorstay line. My biggest complaint about their long wear lip colors is how they dry out your lips, this new line they have does not do this. It goes on very creamy and feels great! it lasts pretty long as well. Not quite as long as the other colorstays they have, but good enough for me to keep repurchasing it!

I am super picky about fragrances and this one is in my top five! it does not give me a killer headache and it isnt overpowering. Its a clean sweet smell. I would not think it purchase this but it was given to me as a sample and now i love it! I highly recommend if you are a person who gets headaches frequently from perfumes

This product was recommended to me by my dermatologist. My acne has improved, but hasnt completely gone away. My dermatologist said this is one of the most purest cleaners and to use nothing else. Thats exactly what ive done. I do wish i came in a cleanser form though because for traveling purposes it is not very convenient.

I use these wipes every night! My only CON i suppose would be they dont stay very moist very long, but they take off makeup great! They dont irritate my sensitive skin or make my eyes burn when i am taking off my eye makeup. I still wash my face afterwards though to get an excess residue off. But overall the take off makeup great!

I love love this mascara! I got it in a gift set and it has been one of my favorite use. I have never really used an eyelash primer, but it def helps create length and volume! i highly recommend!

Its okay..

works well, but if i didnt use it and i dont think there would be a big difference. I have used multiple products like this one, High end and low end and my hair is difficult to straighten, and i find that is you use too much it will weight down your hair.