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Back when I was naive, I bought this because it was my favorite guru's holy grail lip balm. I had super high hopes for this lip balm. I was let down. I'm not a big fan of floral scents but I planned on overlooking that in the sake of feeling like so-and-so. I'm also on the go a lot, so the pot isn't really convenient for me. It just wasn't the most moisturizing.

My favorite cleanser

I have no idea what it is about this cleanser but my face really likes it. I've never considered my skin super sensitive so throughout high school and college I would use just about anything from the drug store as long as it wasn't from an acne fighting line. On a whim, I grabbed a small tube of this in the line up at sephora.

I fell in love.

I've repurchased this so many times and I'll definitely keep repurchasing this. My dry skin feels nourished after using this, probably because of the amino acids. It foams up beautifully with the clarasonic. It's suitable for all skin types, according to the tube. Rosewater will help tone the skin and soothe any redness.

My HG concealer

I have a hard time sleeping so I have some fairly prominent dark circles, I think this concealer is a God send. I'm on my second or third tube of this particular concealer and I'll continue to repurchase. The formula is quite thick but I don't mind. I need all of the help hiding the bags under my eyes that I could get. It also provides a lit from within kind of glow. If I'm in a rush, I'm able to blend it in with my ring fingers although I find I've had the best results with my Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57.

Not too luminous, didn't last all day - still really nice though

Don't get your hopes up for a super dewy formula, I'm not entirely sure where NARS got "luminous" from. They came out with this formula to replace the Sheer Matte formulation. It's definitely an improvement.

First off, there's a pump!

When I was able to pick my shade, I chose Deauville. It is a little yellow upon first glance but I find it counteracts any redness in my complexion.

My skin is dry and with primer, it didn't cling to my dry patches too much. It was by no means necessary painfully obvious. It concealed my pores and didn't emphasize any of my blemishes.

I wouldn't say it lives up to an all day claim. I was about to Skype with my boyfriend and I noticed after about six hours of wear my t-zone was a little shiny. That never happens with my Amazonian clay foundation.

For the price, $56 CAD, I was expecting to be blown out of the water. My socks weren't rocked off but I wouldn't say I'm unimpressed.

First impression

I used this for the first time last night to break up the overdose from using Redken Extreme shampoo. It smells delicious and my hair is super soft. My only complaint? The price. :(

I picked this up with the coco rogue shine I bought for my first of a handful of birthday gifts. It's awesome. I'm fair, so I could get away with using a super light application. It gives a gorgeous glow and pop of color.

I'm fancy.

I picked this up in the LE shade Suspense as a nice little treat to myself. I'm so disappointed that I splurged because I'm in love with the formula. It's a pigmented shade and I found it to leave a nice stain, like I was just sucking on a popcicle. I'll end up getting a few more shades for special ocassions.

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I picked this up as a little birthday gift to myself along with a brand new brow brush. It's a little bit more dramatic of a finish than the Too Faced brow powder I had been using but I really like the bold look. It's waterproof so it's awesome for the hot summers here and it's long wearing. I can't imagine not having this in my stash.

I still don't think I need it..

I don't think I need this having the other two Nakeds BUT I bought it as a birthday gift, anyway! It's more compact so I don't mind bringing this out with me to do a little touchup. I usually use it for a barely there look with a bold lip. I'm not a big fan of mattes, so that could be why I'm not in love with it. However, UD products are awesome so the quality is awesome.

The mascara that shall not be named..

When I went into my Sephora, I didn't even call this by name. The SA knew exactly what I was talking about. Bonus, didn't have to say sex next to a person shopping with their little one. Honestly, I love this. I wore this going out, didn't feel the need to wear falsies. It's super black and dramatic. I already have long lashes, so my big thing I look for is volume. I have to be careful, it looks like it could clump easily. I can get away with using about half a coat for a daytime look. Will repurchase at this rate!

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