Radiant Creamy Concealer


K W.

Love this! I use the shade Custard and im around NC25-30. The color matches well when its blended but if its not, then it might turn out more orange. I use this for my undereyes, around my nose, highlighting and concealing blemishes when i dont feel like wearing foundation. Ive noticed that when i use this under my eyes it does fade and kind of accentuates the texture of the skin under the eye. It runs out in about 2-3 months for me

Lindsey P.
High-Coverage for those who need it most!

I have hereditary blue circles under my eyes – no matter how much sleep I get, they are always there. In my case, the truth, unfortunately, is that no cream will erase my circles and no concealer will completely hide them. This NARS concealer, however, has done the best job out of any other concealer I have tried! I am on my second tube and have played around with it a bit, so here are some tips:

1) Use an eye cream underneath this. It helps the under-eye stay hydrated, which prevents the concealer from looking patchy. 2) Double your coverage by using a corrector underneath. This concealer is very pigmented so it’s not totally necessary, but if you are like me and need serious help in the dark-circles department, this concealer lays really well over a corrector (I use Bobbi Brown). 3) Applying with your fingers works well if you are on a budget, but if not, using a beauty blender is the way to go. Once I started to press the concealer in with a sponge, it applied even smoother, and my setting powder even looked better on top of it. 4) When your product is almost out, scrape around the edges of the tube with your wand! You wanna get the most out of this awesome tube ☺

This is long-lasting, pigmented, blendable, and doesn’t crease. One tube lasts me about 5 months with daily use, so it’s also a great value. Definitely recommend!

Tina H.
Good but could be better

I think that this is overall a solid concealer. However, even when using the smallest amount it creases on me. Great color selection and nice texture. Just don't like the creasing.

Carolina C.
Super creamy and full coverage

I love it! It covers my terrible dark circles without looking cakey or gray. Most concealers just disappear on me, even with powdering, but this one grabs on and stays where I put it. So worth the money.

Nichole B.
good for oily skin, great coverage, doesn't flake

I don't know why I ever strayed from this concealer. It honestly has the best coverage for my hyper-pigmentation along with the perfect formula for my oily/combo skin. It doesn't break me out and never causes dry patches, nor does it melt off on a long hot day.

Dorthy T.

I should've jumped into this bandwagon a long time ago becuase I have panda eyes to the max, and I have been looking for a concealer to conceal and brighten up my under eye area. I got the color Custard, and OMG it works it magic in an instant. It completely covers the discoloration under my eyes and opens up my eyes so it looks brighter and bigger as well. Totally recommend this to others as well.

Audrey S.

I've heard so Meny grate things about this concealer, THERE ALL TURE!!! It's simply amazing and when set with a powder it's almost impossible to crease it's love in a tube it's a bit pricey but in the makeup world that's okay almost 30$ a small tube in one size only

Tara B.

I use this product as a highlight underneath my eye every single day. I'm very light, but use a tanner foundation but I still picked chantilly which is very very light. It blends so smoothly but is also thick and gives a bright eyed, full coverage look. I definitely reckoned this product for a highlight but also as an everyday concealer for blemishes. Love!!

Tanisha B.

This product looks cool but it didn't really cover up my tiny blemishes/acne! I could be using it wrong but I just put a bit on my blemish and patted it with a beauty blender from urban planet. I don't really like this one.

Meridith H.
It is amazing

This is probably one of the all time best concealers I've used. Looks very natural and brightens. Great lightweight texture. Blends well. It does not look "makeup-y" at all. I will be purchasing this product again.