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I was really surprised to see this product work. It not only minimized my pimple, it disappeared in two days-- sometimes over night! Also on me it's a good blemish concealer --If it doesn't match you skin you can added it under or over your foundation just make sure to blend well!

If you have very sensitive skin then this is a good and affordable product to remove your facial makeup. But the one bad thing I can say about this product is that it smells like children's playing clay. Yeah a bit gross but when cleanse your face and add your own moisturizer -- poof the smell is gone!

It comes in a cute ball shape, it smells great, glides on with no sticky residue left over and it's great to use before applying your lipstick. I use Summer Fruit Punch and for $3 who can complain. Its a must have!

This is one intense eyeliner. The one product that I must use everyday is my eyeliner. I have tried so many of them and this one blew away all the expensive brands I have purchased so far. It glides easily on my eyes, doesn't smudge and easily comes off with my eye makeup remover. Definitely a good buy for the price of $8.

This is a great product for layering. I feel most eyeliners are not dark enough so I like to add this on top for a more intense color and it helps to keep my regular eyeliner from smudging. Best thing about this product is it lasts all day! I do have to use a different brush with it because the one it comes with tends to clump up.

Brush On!

It's great for blending & putting on mineral make up, soft and a great price of three dollars. You can find this brush pretty much anywhere, places such as Target, Walmart, Strawberry.

Caught you Tiny eyelashes

I love using this product on my bottom lashes. The brush is small enough to reach every lash and extend them. So if your looking for a good mascara for your bottom lashes this is a good one!

Budget friendly lipstick

I was surprised how moist this lipstick was. Definitely has one of the best red lip colors for my complexion that I have found so far. And for .99 cents who can complain about it hurting their budget! I will recommend you use lip balm first so you don't get chap lips after all it not high end quality.

Curl or clump

The pro: Does really curl the eyelashes & its at a cheap price The con: It leaves clumps and so you have to clean it up, in this case you get what you paid for.

Curl diva

looking for eyelashes with serious diva color & curl this is the product to use. Most color mascaras I have tried always need about 3 or more applications to get an intense color. This product with one application you have intense color and the more you add the more intensity.

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