Bare Escentuals

Blemish Therapy


Micaela M.
Didn't work for me...

I have very fair skin...(keep this in mind) I love Bare Minerals products and was looking foward to trying this one for my breakouts. After using it, I didn't really see/feel a difference. The smell was not too great, either. (smells like sulfur) I'm sure it works well on people with darker/tanner skin, though.

Marie H.
Works great.

The only downside to this is the smell - but the sulfur is the reason for that... And the reason it works! So hard to complain :) It helps to speed up the healing process and doesn't dry you out like other spot treatments will.

Michelle L.
Awesome product with a funny smell.

This product is a miracle in a powder form. When I get a blemish, I apply this twice a day, and the blemish is gone usually within 1-2 days. The only caveat is the strange, sulphuric smell.

Bianca Nicole  C.

This product didnt work I used it constantly but it didnt work plus it smelled funny I will never buy this product again. Too expensive and it didn't deliver. The texture was too fine and didnt cover very well.

Myshel D.

I was really surprised to see this product work. It not only minimized my pimple, it disappeared in two days-- sometimes over night! Also on me it's a good blemish concealer --If it doesn't match you skin you can added it under or over your foundation just make sure to blend well!

Lauren C.

i havent seen any differences when using this...i use it once in a while on my skin just to give it some care and try it out for a while...i havent actually seen it work effectively on myself, but i like the way it feels on my skin

Wafi A.

I've been having random breakouts lately because of the SPF I was using. A pimple appeared right in the middle of my cheek and it actually hurt a lot. My co-worker actually recommended this to me, and to be honest I didn't have high hopes for the product.

On a whim, I gave it a try. I applied a little bit before I left for home. The next morning the redness and swelling had significantly gone down. It had only been one night, but I was extremely impressed.

It is a really small container though. I wouldn't recommend this to someone who has large problem areas or breaks out often because it wouldn't be worth the $18.