Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner


Lisa A.

I abs. love this liner, I rave about it on youtube in all my videos. Where it every single day.. and will never ever go back to another liner!!! Doesn't wear off, super black, does not smudge, does not give you that droopy liner look!

I always have like 2 or 3 on me! And always end up running back to the store to stock up!! Love love love this liner!

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Becky D.
One of my favorites of all time!

I have honestly, NEVER used a pencil eyeliner that is as good as this one. I have darker skin, and thus many black eyeliners that look relatively black on lighter skin tones, look gray on me. This eyeliner was not one of those. It is the most opaque, beautiful black I have ever used, and it's so smooth and easy to work with. It also stays so well on my waterline, I wasn't even expecting that. It's the only pencil that I feel comfortable using as a base for other eye shadows, or even for use on my upper and lower lash lines as well as the water line. It just blends so nicely and is so pigmented. 100% recommend this eyeliner. Everyone should try it out, it's amazing.

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Janel B.
My new absolute favorite liner!

This liner is so amazingly pigmented, goes on so smooth and easy, and stays put on my eyes. Doesn't smudge at all when I wear it. It is a bit soft almost like the liner is half melted but its still amazing. I really think this is my new go to liner. Hope this stays in L'Oreal's product line permanently!!

Crisstyna D.
My Absolute Favorite Eyeliner!!!

This eyeliner is AMAZING!!! It is the blackest, softest pencil eyeliner I have ever used!! I prefer it to all the higher end eyeliners. It applies with incredible ease, and lasts all day! It is perfect for tight lining. The only thing I would have to say is a con with this product is that because it's so soft, it wears down quite quickly... but with that being the only con, I would highly recommend anyone to try this product, it's worth every penny, and more!! I hope they come out with more colours soon.

Myshel D.

This is one intense eyeliner. The one product that I must use everyday is my eyeliner. I have tried so many of them and this one blew away all the expensive brands I have purchased so far. It glides easily on my eyes, doesn't smudge and easily comes off with my eye makeup remover. Definitely a good buy for the price of $8.

Britney W.

i looooove this eyeliner! before i purchased this eyeliner i had about a year search of finding the perfect eyeliner that is super black and wont smudge...and then i found it! this eyeliner is intensely black, very creamy, glides on like butta and doesnt smudge for HOURS! the only problem i have with it is that sometimes it fades, but when it fades it doesnt end up on the bottom of my eyes, it just kind of dissapears lol. so i always have it in my makeup bag for touchups on the go!

so s.

The best liquid-liner pencil I've purchased. I use it on a daily basis, it glides supper smooth onto my eyelids and waterline. It is unlike others liners I have tried you have to pull and tug. This pencil It is very pigmented. I have very oily eyelids so a good primer is a must for me. Sometimes it does smudge on me so I always go over with a powder to seal it in.

Rocio G.

i just bought this product and its AmazinG! i absolutely love it! it glides on very smoothly and it stays put all day without any smudging.. my new favorite eyeliner :)

Vanessa V.
I Love This!

This Eyeliner is amazing! It's really black which i like, it glides on nicely and is really pigmented. It does fell like a liquid eyeliner in a way but in a pencil! It's really easy to create mostly any look with this eyeliner which i absolutely love about it! When i first saw this i was really hesitant at first because most drug store eyeliners don't work on me very well, but this one proved me wrong! There is only one con that i have and it is that it does wear down, but it's okay because everything else about it makes me not care about it wearing down. I would really recommend this eyeliner to anyone who is looking for a good cheap eyeliner! I will continue to buy this eyeliner because i love it so much and it's really worth it!

Vannie L.
B + ( opinion from someone with oily lids and skin)

I honestly can say I'd five this a B+ Yes. It's Very intense. It glides on and it's easy to use. But the problem with this product is that the staying power is "so so" it laste for a few hours fo me but out the outer water line it smudge in less then 5 min. I have very only skin and eyelids and it's difficult to find a product that works on the water line. But I must say 1 thing.

Using it for tight lining and upper lash line is amazing.