Beauty Product Reviews

eh, it was okay.

i have naturally straight hair, it didn't do much for it. it smells good though. i'm sure with naturally curly hair, it does alright. i wouldn't suggest it with straight hair.

i have peach kiss & quenched.

with all the hype i was a tad disappointed. i feel as though they could have made the taste a little bit better, which is the only reason i might not grab for these as much. but the colors are gorgeous. they smell flawless and do add a ton of moisture. all in all, these are great. i searched for weeks in my town at every walmart, walgreens, meijer, and cvs, and finally found these in another town because everywhere i went they were all sold out!

love these!

these almost all smell good, everyone has their own favorite scent from b&bw, and they should have your favorite scent in a hand sanitizer. they are especially wonderful for me because i bite my nails, and after regular sanitizer i cannot bite my nails, with this it isn't a disgusting taste.

uh bad reviews?

this literally takes off all my waterproof eyeliner and mascara in two wipes. (one for each eye) you would think these were idiot proof but i guess not? i think they are great. if you expected it to just disappear without a little work you are expecting too much, it won't just melt off like lancome eye makeup remover. you get what you pay for.

not the best, not the worst.

i like the texture, i wouldn't call it extreme wear because i play softball and it chips. softball isn't exactly extreme, so. but they have a nice selection of colors, i love them. the formula gets thick easy which is something else i don't like. it's overall not a bad product.


This is my favorite. I love this. The bronzer is good, doesn't make my skin muddy, the blush is pretty and pink and overall a good product. Love the big mirror perfect for your purse!

I don't love it, I don't hate it.

It smells bad. My boyfriend hates when i use it. He calls it the syrup lotion. I agree, it stinks. If you aren't careful it leaves an orange-ish residue on your palms and on places you didn't apply evenly. For a decent glow, no matter what color your skin is, use the medium to dark, it won't make you orange, the light skin one, make you orange.

I love this.

I hadn't heard of Escada until I went into a department store and smelled this. I really, really like it. It smells similar to other smells, but it's a little unique.

I love China Glaze!

I love them. My favorites are Flip Flop Fantasy & Pool Party. The only problem with these (which is why only 4 1/2 stars) is because a few of them take many coats to apply & get the bottle color. Other than that, perfect.

Cute packaging!

The packaging is very cute. It kept my lips smooth and that's the main purpose. I don't really like the smell of any of them. They all smell minty to me. I'm not a fan of mint, but if you are you'd love the smell. Overall a pretty good product. Did the job.