Curl Shaping Spray Gel


Sandi G.
Favorite Gel

I love this! You can use it so many different ways. On wet hair I spray it all over and let it air dry or dry with a diffuser upside down. Either way, it turns out all right.

It's also a great refresher for second day hair that loses definition and gets frizzy. You can literally spray this on dry hair and it looks good.

Morgan C.
Love This

I love this stuff! It defines curls well and doesn't make them look stiff at all. It holds a really long time too. I use everything garnier and love it with their Nutrient Spray.

Abby H.
Like It!

I use this when my parents tell me to hurry up and get dressed and my hair is a dirty mess. No, I don't use it on my dry hair (although you can), I ask to take a "quicky" shower, and when I get out, this is the fastest way for me to fix my hair. It holds great, I just hate how frizzy my hair can get, but that's just me, not the product.

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Amber L.
gives great curls

it acts like a gel and a mouse but its in a spray type of use makes my hair have perfect cruched curls i love it it looks perfect

Erika W.
Best Thing I've Ever Used On My Hair!

I have extremely curly hair, and have always struggled with keeping my hair in place, having it get frizzy, and keeping my curls shaped. This product has helped me control ALL of that. It's always the last thing I put in my hair before a walk out the door. Most gel products can dry your hair out, or make it look dry and even start flaking. This stuff does not do that at all. Now, I can't speak for people with straight hair, but for my curly hair...IT WORKS! :)

Myrna P.

I tried Garnier about two years back and wasn't happy with the results. I love this product and so glad I decided to give it another try. I only need a little and my curls look nice and shiny. Not to heavy or greasy.

Kristen B.
eh, it was okay.

i have naturally straight hair, it didn't do much for it. it smells good though. i'm sure with naturally curly hair, it does alright. i wouldn't suggest it with straight hair.

Becky R.

Having hair that's naturally wavy-curly, it's always fun to pump it up a bit with gel, and this stuff really does the trick! you don't have to worry about accidentally gooping a ton of gel into your hand/hair, because it's a spray! This stuff works really well, and it smells really good, too (as do all Garnier hair products)! Loving it!

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