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I love Nicole polishes. They have the exact same quality as OPI, but for a lot cheaper. I've never actually tried the Kardashian ones, but I'm a big fan of Nicole colors, especially the glitters!


OPI polishes are, and always will be, the best, in my eyes. The formula is perfect, and they come in every color you could possibly think of. Every once in a while (such as with Ink) the polish can be darker than it looks in the bottle, but I've always been satisfied with OPI products. Very nice.

I actually really like Essie polishes. They're super smooth and don't require that many coats. I usually use the pastels, but I believe I've used Bordeaux and they're always a super smooth texture and have a bit of gloss with or without topcoat. Very nice!

It's okay.

I've picked up a few colors from this brand. They're nothing special. They're all pretty thin and require multiple coats. Some also have a tendency to dry with bubbles, which is odd. I do, however, recommend neutral shades, such as black and white. It's so-so, but I wouldn't pick it if I had a choice.

So bright!

I've used the purple, green, blue, and red. I used to have a dip dye with the green, and it was always SO vibrant and beautiful. Currently I wear a mixture of the red with another dye, and I have high hopes for it. These dyes don't fade quickly at all and it usually takes me about 2-3 weeks before I need to retouch if I shower every day (bad, I know, it's OCD), which is very impressive for an unnatural color. I strongly recommend it if you can get your hands on some!

So pretty!

I bought this for a relative (a working makeup artist/hairstylist) and no matter what she uses it in, it always looks super pretty. It's a really deep royal blue with purple and sky blue glitter mixed in, which gives it this multifaceted, gorgeous look. She claims it's hard to use, as most loose powders are, but I think the payoff is well worth it. It also comes with a lot in the jar. I'm considering buying some for myself!


Almay must have subbed the oil out with ACID RAIN. Kidding. But seriously, this hurts. Really bad. It is the most stingy, painful eye makeup remover I've ever used, and I can't believe this even got past testing. My mother agrees. We stick to Neutrogena wipes these days.


I am a lover of all things pumpkin, fall, and Halloween. The instant I smelled this I fell in love. It has more of a sugary scent to it rather than spice, but I spray my entire room with the body spray before bed and wear it every day. The shower gel has a nice, moisturizing feel to it and feels extremely relaxing. One of my favorite B&BW scents by far.

Smells really fresh & provides a bounciness to my hair that I usually don't get with it being so damaged from years of dying! I use this every day, I love Moroccanoil products.

What is that smell??

I do love what this product does for me, I really do. It smooths my flyaways very well and calms my hair down. However, I find the smell is extremely overpowering and smells a bit like body odor. I was sitting with this in my head for the first time, waiting to go out, and I could not for the life of me figure out what the smell was - and it was the product! My brother agreed. Ever since, I haven't used it simply for that reason. However, if you're willing to spray your hair with perfume after you use this, I find it's a fairly nice product. Just not something I'd use for that girl-smelling shampooed hairflip.

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