Color Design Sensational Effects Eyeshadow Quad

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Angie A.
Not a fan

I got one of these and I actually used it today. The eyeshadows were extremely sheer (even for pastel shades) but they were just decent for blending. They're all right. Just nothing special.

Imani L.
A God Sent

While I'd like to say I'm a practical packer and take only a palette and some blush on trips that would most definately be a lie. I'm a brat when it comes to those things and feel like I need my entire makeup collection when I travel because well " I might want to wear this one..." However, when my Lancome Sensational Palette was the only thing in my makeup bag I found that it allowed me to create the perfect smokey eye. Metallics and matte shadows...this product is a God sent!

Veronica Y.
The little black four-shade palettes have amazing, super bendable colors with just the right amount of shimmer.

I became obsessed with Lancôme after my avid makeup enthusiast aunt gave me bags and bags of the free-with-purchase gifts they so lovingly hand out full of samples of all kinds. After a few months I have over 50 cases of different eye shadows plus tons of other makeup, I love the companies that do these gift bags :) Lancôme shadows are super silky with just the right amount of shimmer. The colors blend amazingly and you can layer it on from day to night. My favorite pallet is called sunset, a golden yellow, burnt orange, deep lilac and a light, soft pink. The colors look fabulous together, and make my green eyes pop!

Christina L.

I cannot even put into words how incredible Lancome eye shadows are! They are the softest, smoothest, and easiest to blend. I wish I could pretty much buy every shade they make! My only dislike, they are way too expensive. I understand why obviously, you pay for quality...among other things. But I just can't afford to buy them. I only got my palette because it was a gift. Which I have lost :( But it was my favorite.

Lauren C.

these products are so does really really well with their eyeshadows, their palettes have amazing colors and i have been using them for so long now..i really love the colors, and the way that it lasts all day

Kristen A.
Received in GWP - Great product!

I got this quad in my Gift with Purchase during a Macy's sale. I swatched them in my Lancome Haul video on my YouTube channel and the color payoff is amazing! I have 2 other Lancome shadows in single packaging and I love them all! You barely have to touch your brush to the product and you get great color. I would definitely repurchase Lancome shadows!