Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows


Kaitlyn W.

I have the ready to wear. I bought this two times. because i used it everyday. The colors blend favorite part is when you wet it and use it its metallic and its gorgeous.

Robyn S.
A Pallet of Love

I love this stuff so much! I don't always use it but I always keep it around. The shade variations are perfect for blending and they are perfect for different moods. I always always wear this when I want to feel sexy and daring!

Sicily J.
Highly Pigmented without primer.

Highly pigmented. I've used a lot of eye shadows in my day but they always need a good primer to go with it. So I found this and it has been my best friend. LOVE the colors reminds me of Mardi Gras. Just very bright and vibrant guaranteed to lift your spirits if you're having a bad day and make your eyes POP.

Rian L.
Photo of product included with review by Rian L.

As a black female, it's kinda hard to find some good makeup. Milani is great! I use it in my everyday go to look, and it also is good for a no makeup makeup look. I'm not saying it's just good for blacks, but it's good for everybody. Plus its shimmer is pretty under any light (:

Pamela D.
Would be great...

This product would be a lot better if it didn't come in those awkward strips. They make the eyeshadows more difficult to work with, especially if you want to use them wet. The pigmentation is pretty good, except the shadows are also extremely dusty and make a shimmery mess everywhere. I use this palette especially when I'm doing a grey smokey eye, but considering that I prefer brown or purple smokey eyes, I don't really reach for this that often.

Angie A.

These are decent for drugstore shadows. However, I think the softer texture of the shadows just aren't up to par to stand alone without a casing. The strips they come in would not be that bad if it wasn't for the fact that they have no pan around them. They crumble, break, and blend together, making the packaging a dusty mishmash of colors. Would not recommend.

Arie C.

I've bought a few of these, but i really only like them when used in certain ways. I find that used dry, these are pretty blah. But I LOVE using these wet, then going over them dry. But, all in all, I never really find myself reaching for these.

Luna V.

I received this as part of a gift a few years ago. To be honest, for a drugstore brand, I was fairly impressed. The shadows themselves are well-pigmented, pearly, and very blendable. Makes a smokey-eye a piece of cake, even if you're not entire sure what you're doing.

I'm not a huge fan of the shape, however, as it's difficult to load a brush on the "sticks" of shadow. It's also a little hard to grab only one colour at a time.

Myrna P.

As Luna says below, as a drugstore brand pretty good but I just dont feel they are pigmented enough. The way the product is packed is a downfall for me. I dont think I will buy anymore of these shadows.

John M.
Not Worth It

This product was bought with high hopes. I really enjoy the Milani lip colors and I decided to get this small purple eyeshadow palette. Let me tell you right now DON'T BOTHER. It was a bit pricey for only a six color palette and I found that the shadows were placed in horizontal lines instead of circles or squares. It stated that use dry for a subtle look and wet for added drama. To start with the color was a bit awkward to get on a brush. I tried it dry and you could barely even see the colors except for the darkest one and even that came out duller than expected. So I decided to try them wet and there wasn't that much difference; the color was a bit more vibrant but not what I was expecting. I tried a couple different methods (eye shadow primer, cream's, etc.) with similar results. And to add insult to injury the shadows are extremely sensitive; mine fell off of my table and onto a chair and it broke into a million pieces.The only redeemable quality was that it blended rather well.

I would not buy this product again