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I will never buy another topcoat again!

This stuff is seriously one of my all-time cannot live without products. I have always had so much trouble getting my nail polish to dry and stay smooth. After using Seche Vite, I never worry about that anymore. Literally, after about five minutes, I can go about my day as my nails are already dry. I also find that it makes my manicure last longer than any other topcoat I've ever tried. It provides a smooth, long-lasting, glossy finish that stays a long time. I will say that about 2/3 through the bottle, the formulation does get a bit goopy and harder to use, but it doesn't make that big of a difference on the actual nail, just in the application. Seriously, try this topcoat!

Color Club has a lot of good colors with nice formulation. It's obviously not as nice as OPI or China Glaze, but I will definitely continue to buy bottles of Color Club. You can even usually find them at TJ Maxx or Ross. I have several bottles of Color Club, but by far my favorite is Age of Aquarius, which is a nice green that is light and pastel, but not quite mint. It really is beautiful.


I am obsessed with Revlon lipstick in general, but I love the mattes the most! The formulation is not too drying and is nicely pigmented. I do wish that there were more shades available. I have three of these: Pink Pout, Stormy Pink, and Smoked Peach. I think that Smoked Peach is a nice nude color, but I usually do like to wear a nude gloss over it as well because the lipstick alone tends to wash me out a little. Stormy Pink is by far my favorite. It is a nice light neon pink on me (not neon like the 80s). It is a unique color and goes well with a lot of different colors. I find Pink Pout to be a little light on me, but if you like really light lips, this color is great.


I got this as a sample in my BirchBox, and I was interested in trying it because I'm intrigued by things that supposedly have fruit and juice in them. However, this face wash is extremely runny and hard to use because you can't lather it or anything. I didn't really notice that it did anything different from any other product. My skin felt a little squeaky after use. All in all, I wouldn't shell out the money for this product.

quick and thorough

I don't have a blender, but I love this as a brush cleanser! It works beautifully! It even magically cleaned a sponge I've had forever and have never cleaned. It got my makeup brushes so clean so quickly. It doesn't smell great, but that's not a big deal. Previously, I have used e.l.f.'s brush cleanser, which is ok and very cheap; however beautyblender's product works much better. I definitely recommend it!

Warm and sexy

As soon as I smelled this perfume, I was in love. I had debated buying it a couple of times before, but I had read some bad reviews on, so I was hesitant. I loved the concept, but I was afraid it would smell to masculine. I recently got the .5 oz bottle to try, and I am soooo glad I did! It smells so sexy and warm! Love it!!!

This perfume smells sweet and a little powdery, but not like baby powder or old ladies. I like it better than the original Sexy Little Things, and I love the atomizer that comes with it! So sophisticated! Probably more of a winter scent

This is one of my favorites, especially in the winter. It smells so sexy and spicy! It lasts a long time, and I always get complimented when I wear it


Oh, my gosh. Words cannot describe how much I love this candle. All of the Slatkin & Co. candles are nice and smell really wonderful, but Fireside is by far my all-time favorite candle ever! It smells literally like a wood fire, but sweet and not too smoky. I burn this at Christmas, and it's just amazing! A lot of my guy friends really like it too because it's not too girly like some scented candles.

This powder is so nice because it tones down darker foundation. It helps me transition my summer foundation into fall because it eliminates any orangey-ness that occurs as I lose my tan. It helps mattify your face as well, without being too cakey. I also like to put it on later in the day to prolong my makeup into night time.

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