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Kate L.
All-Time Favorite

I'm not huge on really sweet perfumes- for reference, my favorites are this, Chloe, and Happy. This is the perfect mix of warm and clean. The smell is indescribable, but imagine Hugh Jackman bringing you fresh cookies. I wore a sample and my boyfriend raved so much he went out and bought me the full size. I wear it every day and constantly get compliments. Definitely a repurchase.

Megan U.
Warm and sexy

As soon as I smelled this perfume, I was in love. I had debated buying it a couple of times before, but I had read some bad reviews on, so I was hesitant. I loved the concept, but I was afraid it would smell to masculine. I recently got the .5 oz bottle to try, and I am soooo glad I did! It smells so sexy and warm! Love it!!!

Nikki Z.

The smell of this is so unique and straight up sexy in such an awesome way. it's really hard to explain but it really is the feminine version of a sexy musky clean manly man. And it literally lasts all day long! I put a little bit on in the morning and I can smell myself all day long. Definitley a must have year round!