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Love it!!!!

I love this liner! It bothers me when I have that gap of liners and this fills in that gap really well!! It does take getting used to, but obviously practice makes perfect. I just make sure my cap is on tight when I store it. That IS one issue. It cleans up easily if you make a mistake. Again, I LOVE IT.


i also got this in a sephora kit, and i love it. 1. it smells amazing. i can't even describe what it smells like, but it's good. 2. the little beads in it are tiny and really don't irritate when you're scrubbing your face; i actually used this on my neck, chest, shoulders and arms as well. 3. it works wonders. i won't say that it has really cleared up my acne, but it does make my face feel so soft and i have noticed that my black heads have gone away and my pores look smaller. i don't need to use as much foundation, except where i still have blemishes. i'm definitely going to buy the full tube of this once my sample size runs out.

it definitely stays on all day for me and doesn't get oily, but i have to put on a little bit at a time cause i have found out that i can be heavy handed when it comes to blush! hahahaha especially this one! it's very bright. i got mine in the coral color and it's a nice change from my usual pink/peach. =]

i am so glad someone came out with crackle again. when i was younger, my older cousin had it but i could never find it. except now, EVERYONE has it. i think it's worth the price, i went out and bought 2 bottles. i love it SO MUCH!

i will always and forever use OPI and even the Nicole by OPI and Sephora by OPI. i LOVE the colors and i love mixing my own shades. i think they're worth the money, i hardly can ever finish a bottle, even though i change my polish constantly.

love this! i always take it with me when i know i'll be outside in the sun all day. in the spring/summer, i keep it with me along with my sunscreen. i like the smell, but i do notice if i put too much on, it makes my lips look almost chalky? like if i got sunblock on my lips and couldn't rub it in good enough, if that makes sense. overall though, it does help protect your lips; if i forget using it, i can feel the sun burning my lips. perfect for protecting the part in your hair/small areas in a pinch!

i have a light pink/peach color [hibiscus, i think?] and i keep it in my purse for when i'm on the go and want to freshen up a bit, but don't want gloss. it's a very flattering color, but i'm not too into the scent/taste though.

love this, it gives a pretty and [very] sheer wash of color. keeps your lips moisturized very well. i wasn't too crazy for the smell, however, so i'll just stick to the original balm.

this stuff smells SO GOOD and feels really nice!!! i found myself digging in my purse all the time and putting it on my cuticles if i were in a waiting room or on a car ride just to smell it. i used to use it all over my hands, not just my cuticles. it did leave my fingers a little greasy, but it would be good to use overnight and helps out a lot with soothing hangnails.

it was an okay cleanser. the smell was awesome and it did make my skin feel refreshed, but i don't think my skin really cleared up or anything, just felt good.

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