Beauty Product Reviews

No thank you

I think its extremely over priced! There are other nail polish brands such as zoya which are "3 free" as well but don't have the $14 price tag. The only reason I could see for getting it again would be if they had a color I couldn't find anywhere else


I have used this product a bit and I find that it doesn't really keep my makeup on as well as I feel it should. I prefer the skindinavia setting spray which comes in a few different formulas for different targeted responses.


Pretty much the side colors are essentially what you could find in the naked pallet but the center column has the most amazing colors I have ever seen :) together it's pretty much an all in one pallet. You can create any look you could want with this thing!

A little trick to share with you!

I have not used this on myself but I just wanted to give out a trick that the representatives of this company told me. If you put this on top of any lipstick it turns the lipstick matte :)

Love this!

The formula doesn't seem to be anything spectacular but the brush is definitely worth the purchase! It separates your lashes and makes them look super feathery but yet still gives them volume. I go back and forth between this and the covergirl lash blast fusion as my favorite go-to mascaras

I'm not the biggest fan of this. I suppose if you had dry and lifeless looking skin it would do what it says it should but I don't find it to brighten my skin nor help keeping face makeup on. I tried it a couple times and didn't like it for me so I threw it in my kit to try out on other people

I used to love this tinted moisturizer along with everyone else in the world but that was because I was naive about what else was out there. I have oily skin and I still felt the need to put on my normal moisturizer under because the LM on is so dry since it is just packed with pigment. There are a ton of other tinted moisturizers that are packed with pigment but are better in the moisture department. i.e. Tarte, Benefit, UD, Stilla, and Smashbox. Check out your options before just getting it because your friend says so

This is the best top coat I have ever used. I can paint my nails right before I go to sleep and this top coat dries in seconds and my nails are still perfect when I wake up. It is also extremely glossy so your nails have high shine. Unfortunately the high shine effect doesn't last for more than 1 or 2 full days

I absolutely love this primer. It is so much better than the UD primer potion in every way. A tiny bit goes a very long way and my eye shadow stays on all day long with no problem. I also bring it under my eye as it says to do and I use it as an under eye brightener. It is very sticky so just make sure to put a shadow all over your lid that is similar to your skin tone so it doesn't catch your shadow and leave a dot lol

I'm not a fan of this product. I prefer the Benefit Stay Don't Stray eye shadow primer much more because you get 3 uses out of it. It's tinted so you use it as a concealer, it's a light color so I put some under my eye for a brightener, and it is the best eye shadow primer I have ever used. I have done the test where I wear one primer on each eye and the Benefit stayed on longer and was truer to it's intended color :)