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So pretty, lovely shades!!!

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Very smooth, scent free, cruelty free, very pigmented for a lip blamy product!!! Relatively inexpensive. The packaging is okay, not bad! It comes with a pamphlet attached with ingredients, sun care info etc! Looks like a nutrition label haha

Best drug store lipstick!!!

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I couldnt get enough of them. They are comparable to MAC matte lipsticks, maybe even better? They cost about $3, last ALL DAY, are matte finish, come in about 20 different colors, and are scent free. Could you ask for more? No.

So nice! I love this foundation.

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Pros: *Its thick *good coverage *doesn&#39;t get greasy *good blendability *scentless *decent color range for light skin tones *cruelty free *natural ingredients

Cons: *pricey ($35 to $55) *smallish amount of product *slightest teensiest dew factor initially

Love the smell, but TESTS ON ANIMALS.

I really love this scent. Its juicy and fruity and warm and bright and all things summer. Unfortunately, Escada is owned by P&amp;G (Procter and Gamble), which are a huge baddie animal testing company. I only discovered this once I started really cracking down on not buying animal tested products. It&#39;s still one of my favourites, but it is favoured in vain. Not sure if I will repurchase this again because of it.. :(

Love this..

I love this. Have used it off and on for years. I also love the coconut one. Very nice. Large tub- lasts a long time. Only thing I think that isn&#39;t the best is that you have this product for so long and you stick you hands in it everyday.. kind of unsanitary... but its a butter I suppose that&#39;s the best way to contain a jar...

Mostly a hit, but sometimes a miss...

I, only in the past few years, have become a MAC customer. Last year I shopped there way more than I do now. But one way or another I ended up with plenty of their eyeshadows. The ones I own are nicely pigmented, woodwinked being one of my favorites (creamy feeling, very interesting color). Some I swatched weren&#39;t my thing though... You&#39;ll know what I mean when you go to the MAC store...

Stays all day...

Lovely product. A go to for me for sure. It&#39;s a nice thick creamy texture. You only need a little bit. Love soft ochre. Lasts all day, with or without a primer. I have slightly oily lids.

What you would expect...

The MAC blushes are what you would expect from MAC. Nice pigmentation, lovely color range, different finishes.. To me, a blush is a blush. Some stay longer than others do (powders vs creams vs brands) but I don&#39;t bother with the details...blush is blush. So, I suppose if you are paying $22 or whatever for a blush it better live up to the MAC brand name expectations. I have several, and they all do.

Nice feeling on the lips...

When I saw these I had to try them. They have a whipped texture to them which feels nice when applying to your lips. They are creamy, not shiny, and not extremely drying. After a few hours I do notice the product sort of getting ...not so attractive. Re application is definitely a must.

Staying power!

Colorstay is fairly accurate. I use the oily combo formula on myself, and others I do makeup on. Even if they have dry skin. I do this because it literally stays all day and if I am doing makeup for a wedding, that is exactly what you want. I have had no issues with doing it this way.. Anyway, the colors are amazing for fair skinned people such as myself. The lightest color is very light which is great for us. The range is good in the light to medium tones. Not great for darker tones though. I used to use this everyday, but I don&#39;t anymore. It&#39;s staying power is great...but not amazing for the skin on a daily basis.

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