Benefit Cosmetics

BADgal Liner Waterproof


Ashley G.

I hardly use black eyeliner, that isn't a liquid... but I loved this stuff... until it magically disappeared... It was really creamy, and stayed on for a long time! I will be buying a new one soon!

Amanda K.
i like it =]

i bought this with the intention of using it for my inner rims.. or waterline if you call it that.. its expensive but i liked it.. decent pencil didnt budge

Tara M.

I got this as I saw it was waterproof! It really comes out the black pigment, but it smudges a bit, but I can still work with if Im doing smokey look! I like it but its expensive and mightn't get it again as it costs alot.

Marianna K.
Unfortunately doesn't do what it says...

It a good black eyeliner but the reason I bought this one over the original (which I have tried) was because it stated that it was waterproof. It smudged a couple of minutes after me putting it on. Not worth the price tag.

Shayna L.
Not worth it!

I’m usually a big fan of BeneFit, and I’ve heard good things about their BADgal pencil eyeliner. I decided to try the waterproof version since I have allergies and my eyes water, but I was not impressed. The pencil isn’t soft enough to glide easily over my eyelid, even after I warm it up between my fingers. It doesn’t smudge easily, and the smudger on the end of the pencil is completely useless. It wears off of my waterline within just a few minutes, and off of the lash line after a few hours, but leaves traces behind that are great if you like the raccoon look. The only good thing about the BADgal waterproof pencil eyeliner is its super-black color, but overall I much prefer my less expensive and better quality Revlon eyeliner.