DiorSkin AirFlash Spray Foundation


Tara B.

I am in love with this! I have been wanting to try it for a half a year but couldn't bring myself to spend 62$ on it. After watching a lot of videos over it I decided it was time to buy! I will honestly say, best I have ever used and will never use anything else! I use a brush with mine (I know it is made to not have to use one) but if I want a really full coverage face, that looks like out of a magazine I take a stippling brush and pat it all over, BUT if I am just running out to do shop or just be outside I then just spray it on.

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Ashley G.

I miss this stuff! I was in love with this stuff when I had it! I ran out of it really fast because I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and I used it all the time! I used to bring it to school with me and everyone wanted to use it! I love how simple application is, I never used a brush.. I just sprayed it directly on my face and it looked great!

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Saudia I.
It's the closest to an airbrushed finish

Lasts throughout the day, It's the closest to an airbrushed finish (and a great one at that) you can get by yourself...without spending a fortune on a pro machine, or making a mess.Coverage is medium to full while feeling like you have nothing on, it's my on the go, magic makeup.

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Veronica A.
Pricey but worth it!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this foundation! Goes on flawless (best used when sprayed on a brush rather than on your face directly). It has a light airy feel, and doesn't cake on when applied right. I use it over a thin layer of liquid foundation, and it goes on soft and evenly. It's best to spray a little so you can see how much more you need to apply, as a little does go a long way. Even after wearing it all day, I didn't need to reapply, it pretty much lasted w/o touch-ups!

Despite the price ($60) it was totalllllly worth every bit of it!!! I'm definitely going to repurchase it again!!!!

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Lyndsie  T.

Lighest shade and feel can go ligher beautiful finish the way book describes is ok to go with can always be used with a airbrush brush or a beauty blender I found spraying on an angle into a cup will save product and give same effect full coverage alot goes along way pricey worth it doll face great for a night out and soecial occasion chanel did a great job on this also light weight

Cami F.
One of the absolute best!

It's quite hard to truly describe how lovely this foundation is in words. The foundation gives the most flawless full coverage, blends seamlessly, and lasts all night. It doesn't emphasize any dry patches on my skin, and doesn't feel heavy or greasy. It is really the ultimate foundation. The shade range is unimpressive, but I luckily matched one of the shades offered. This is also a great product for special events and whenever you want to look your best.

Halleia S.
The ultimate foundation!

I've been using this for years now and will cry if they ever stop making this product. This gives you the exact same airbrushed finish as if it were a whole airbrush system. And I do own the Temptu airbrush system. But this is just as good! Your skin will look porcelain smooth, with moderate coverage, and blends well. The ONLY downfall is the range of colors and shades is far too small. I have fair skin and have to use the lightest shade -200. But I could almost go a tad lighter. It's worth the money because you can't get the same perfect finish with other foundations as you can with this. Just experiment to find your closest shade. If they don't have one close enough, write to Christian Dior cosmetics directly! I'm seriously hoping they expand this line!

Kyle G.

This foundation is fantastic, I cannot even begin to describe the amazingness!! It sprays so light, I blend with and "Airbrush" brush and my skin is flawless! It stays all day, extremely light weight and covers very well. Leaves a very natural beautiful finish.

Amanda K.
airbrush look without airbrush machinery

airbrush price though =[ so expensive

so, so expensive. =[

ive had it once. i would love to repurchase. it gives skin a flawless look. amazing. you just spray it right onto your face. cant get over it!

Tinna H.
Quick and light foundation!

For a girl who goes really light on the make-up department, this is the perfect foundation! I first tried this out at the Dior counter at Saks, and it was a must-have item.

You can spray it onto a brush and use it to even out the skin tone quickly. It is smooth and light in texture, barely there.