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Some Kind-A Gorgeous


Meera I.

This does a nice job of evening out skin tone and I like the matte finish, which leaves skin silky. Beyond that, it offers very little coverage and isn't very long-lasting; unless you have great skin or aren't bothered about coverage, this is better used in conjunction with primer/concealer/foundation.

This comes in 3 tones - Lite, Medium and Deep. I used Medium for my olive-toned skin, and although these are supposed to be translucent, I found it to be on the pink-y side - no good for my yellow undertones.

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Louise-Lesley J.

For it being oil free it seemed to have a really oily consistency to me. I didn't like it at all.

I started using this quite some time ago (and stopped very soon afterwards) and I was told that it would be equal coverage to a tinted moisturiser. I wanted something really lightweight on my face for a Summer dossing around the house and spending far too much time outdoors but to even out my skin tone.

It came off way too easily and it didn't look natural on my ridiculously pale skin either (I used the lightest one). The girl assured me it would fit with it and I stupidly didn't ask her to try it all over my face, only doing a test bit.

I'm not sure the exact logic of why I really hated this product but it literally went into the bin quicker than anything else I'd bought this expensive.

& honestly. I didn't think it covered any imperfections or evened out my skin tone. To me it was just splodges of colour whatever way I applied it.

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Ashley G.

I bought the original one about 4 years ago, it was always a little too dark for me, but I wanted to use it anyways, I bought the "light" one a few months ago, and I loved it! It's great for the summer when you don't want heavy makeup but you want a pretty good amount of coverage. I've said it once, but I'll say it again; Benefit has never disappointed me!

Micaela F.
The best foundation faker!

If you like a natural look but still you want an even, imperfections free face, this foundation faker it's a great product. The creamy base can be applied with a brush, sponge or fingers and because its translucent caracteristic if blend nice and easy with your skin tone, leaving your skin radiand and silky. Just a correction. It's avaliable in three shades one lighter, one normal and one darker shade to match all skin tones.

Stephanie B.

I bough a kit containing a small version of this product and I absolutely loved it! It made my skin really soft and I do not have a lot of acne so it had the perfect coverage! I would like to repurchase this since the smaller sized product did not last as long, but until I do I give it 4.5 stars

Sara B.
Pleasantly surprised

I love benefit but always passed by this product cause I thought it would be cakey. Im a tinted moisturizer/light weight foundation kind of gal and when I got this as part of a set from sephora I fell in love. doesnt look heavy, cakey or dry on my skin. Buying the full size soon.

Jenniffier K.
Good when Using a makeup brush

I have been using bare essentials years, but wanted something different. Since I had been away from foundations for way to long to count back, everyone I tried just looked funny. The girl at Ulta suggested this one, as it goes on wet and drys to feel like a powder. I have used it with the sponge and with benefits foundation brush. I definitively recommend using it with the foundation brush. It gives much better coverage and leaves your skin looking smooth. I find this to be a good on the run, everyday kind of product. I will buy it again when I run out.

Katie C.

I love this product. It goes on incredibly smooth & makes my skin look great. The product can seem to melt a little if left in warm places & I do get how some people may not like the feel of it but once its on it looks amazing & feels so light.

Jesika S.
Surprisingly wonderful!

I got this product in a sample kit I picked up at sephoras 12 dollar sale. I normally skip out on any type of spot concealer but was soooo happy when I tried this product out. It was smooth and light and cover my dark circles and brightened up my eyes it had a great powdery light finish and blends just perfect. I have just finished my sample and will defiantly be picking it up as a regular staple for my daily face routine!

Alicia C.

A friend recommended this product to me and I thought I'd give it a try since I was frustrated with buying a number of different foundations throughout the year being that I'm tan in the summer, pale in the winter, etc. I was skeptical at first that it wouldn't match my skin tone, but was surprised that it looked natural, even, and smooth. I would like it to provide more coverage, but overall I'm very satisfied with the product and happy that it's solved the need for multiple foundations throughout the year.