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definitely pretty good!

I've tried these little guys in the past and I really like them! They remind me of Urban Decay's glosses. I'm going to the mall for my birthday in a couple weeks and I'm going to be picking up a couple of these. I can get 4 for the price of what 1 of Urban Decay's glosses are (or pretty darn close anyway). They're definitely pretty sticky, but that's why I like them..they tend to last longer that way!

Why did it take so long for me to find this stuff!? AMAZING!

I've been wanting to try MAC ever since I got really into the whole *make up* thing, but the price just wasn't meeting my budget. So, for my birthday (which is this weekend) my boyfriend took me to the mall on Sunday and payed for me to get this stuff (I Love the guy!) So I have now been sucked into the world of Mac! I adore this stuff. It's not too heavy and it's great for people with oily skin like me. I've noticed others have talked about it making their skin more oily through the day..I haven't had this problem at all. Yesterday I had this stuff on for about 9 hours with no touch ups and I was still pretty matte and it still looked almost perfect when I took it off last night after a long work day! Usually I have to put on primer, liquid foundation, concealer and finishing powder and have to touch up with more powder throughout the day. All I have to do now is a primer, a few spot treatments with concealer on the bad spots, and I put on a tiny bit of finishing powder once my whole face is done..and NO touch ups through the day. I'm completely won over by this product and I have a feeling I'll be making a few more trips back to MAC at some point (goodbye bank

smells amazing

I smelled a sample of this in a magazine and had to have it. It's got such a beautiful scent, very clean and flowery..I love it, I wear it often!

works pretty well

I like this mascara, it lifts and seperates my lashes. The wand is really awesome and seems to help the mascara work even better. My only downfall with this mascara is that it tends to make my eyes itch and water sometimes. So I use it with caution.

not bad

I have 8 of these, they have beautiful and feel nice. My only problem is they don't seem to last as long as I would like and they do seem a bit waxy. But they work well, my favorite is Sheer Light Peach.

works well

I bought this in translucent just to take away the shine through the day. I just use a light dusting over my face about halfway through the day and it takes away the shine and doesn't leave my face too cakey looking. I don't use it much, but it does its job!

it works pretty well

This works great for concealing my under eye circles and a few blemishes. Its a thick creamy consistency and blends nicely. A little goes a long way, and I definitely think it's worth the money.

I love this eyeshadow

I have it in Island Sunset (the one in the picture above). I love love love the pink in this duo, it is highlight pigmented and a perfect bright pink. The purple on the other hand, is very dark and does NOT blend well at all. It ends up very muddy looking, even with a primer and a white base underneath. Just not thrilled with it all. But it still gets 5 stars for the perfect pink!

love it!

I love this mascara, it lengthens my lashes like no other! They look so big and beautiful, the only thing I DON'T like about it is, it's definitely not water proof. And if I sweat just a little bit this stuff runs like crazy (sad face). But if I'm not going to be doing anything where I'll be sweating then this is a great choice!

I like these

I prefer my Urban Decay lipgloss, but I do love these in their own right. They aren't too sticky and leave a nice high shine color. They aren't super pigmented, but that's ok- I like them for the shine!

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