SuperFull Mascara

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Nikki S.
works pretty well

I like this mascara, it lifts and seperates my lashes. The wand is really awesome and seems to help the mascara work even better. My only downfall with this mascara is that it tends to make my eyes itch and water sometimes. So I use it with caution.

Kirbie S.
Really Great Mascara

This is a wonderful mascara! It makes your lashes long and full! I got this stuff for $5, I have no clue if that is the actual price (I got it at a trades day). I would definitely repurchase this item. It lasts for a good while too. I bought this at the beginning of the year (I think) and I just recently got a new mascara. ~Kirbie

Angela V.

I didn't really like this mascara I have issues with mascaras that say they are full or superfull but they don't really do much for your lashes... I want my lashes to be extended and full looking "superfull" I wasn't impressed