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Alondra G.
beautiful lips indeed

Wineberry is a creamy smooth gliding lipstick. I love it so much bc its long lasting and moisturizing unlike other brands. Hands down my favorite lipstick! Very pigmented .

Maya F.
Super great lipstick

I absolutely love these lipsticks. Poppy Love and Red 2000 are absolutely amazing, super pigmented, and long-lasting. My only complaint is that even though it stays on for quite awhile, it will definitely get on everything if you aren't careful

Jennifer  S.
Love it!

Its a bright red orange, it has good pigmentation. Its not matte, it has a shine to it. It goes on very smooth. I wear a red lip liner first and on top I put poppy love. I love wearing this lip combo. Its for sure one of my fave lipsticks from avon and they always have good offers .

Sarah C.
Long lasting beautiful lipstick

I have the shade country rose which is a beautiful coralish pink. It is excellent with my skin tone and the lipstick is really long lasting. I have tried cherry jubilee too and also adore it, it is a flattering red for all skin tones.

Emily M.
Photo of product included with review by Emily M.

I am an Avon rep and i love this lipstick line. I'll let the previous reviews speak for themselves. On SALE now!!!! Buy online at:



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Sarah M.
Value, Longlasting and Vibrant!
Photo of product included with review by Sarah M.

Great lippy, and its not expensive, i have it in numerous shades and have always found avons lipsticks to be longlasting, affordable and vibrant. They give off a great colour!

Darchelle G.
Love it!

I love this lipstick! It's rich, creamy, goes on smooth, and lasts for hours! Hands down, one of my favorite lipsticks. It's also pretty affordable at it's regular price of $7 or $8, but with Avon you can almost always catch this lipstick on sale for around $4 or $5

Josette S.
Excellent and Affordable

These lipsticks are creamy, long wearing, and have great pigmentation. They are also almost always on sale, generally $5 or less depending on what promotion is running, making them super affordable. There is also a really good range of shades.

Kristen A.
High-End Quality, Drugstore Price Tag
Photo of product included with review by Kristen A.

I have both Wineberry and Wink, and these lipsticks have quickly jumped to the top of my favorites chart! The packaging is sleek, complete with engraved "Avon" lettering on the lipstick a la Chanel.

Both shades were intensely pigmented, and creamy, requiring just the lightest hand to deposit premium color on the lips. Since they're so pigmented, they wear for several hours (4-6 depending on how much I'm drinking or if I've eaten). They're moisturizing, don't settle into the lines in my lips, and both shades provide a subtle sheen for a semi-glossy finish (both shades are satin finishes).

Of the two shades, "Wink" is my favorite, and reminds me a lot of MAC's LE "Ever Hip" that released in the Fashionflower Collection. It's very much a Spring/Summer shade - flirty, feminine, and easily wearable for any skin tone.

"Wineberry" is nice, too, though it's a blue-based burgundy, so it doesn't entirely suit my fair ivory skin tone. It's not unwearable, but it's not a shade I typically reach for. I think darker skin tones than I will enjoy this shade more, and will appreciate it's daytime to nighttime look.

At just $7 per lipstick regularly-priced, they're quite the steal - the quality is superb! Even better, when they're on sale, you can snag them for about $3.99! (At the time of this review they're $3.99 and there's a free shipping promo going on!) There are over 30 shades in a variety of finishes (matte, satin, metallic, etc.), so you're sure to find something that suits you!

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Dawn M.

I have a lot of these shades and they are all super pigmented and creamy. They do not dry out your lips. Of course I always put on chapstick underneath my lipstick. I don't use a lip liner with these and I don't have any problems.

These products are all available on my online store, and there is free shipping on all orders over $30! I am an Avon rep and I stand by these products! http://youravon.com/dawnsantamarina