Haiku Eau de Parfum Spray

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Rose C.
Really beautiful smell

I love this perfume. Such a nice everyday signature scent to have. The packaging is super cute and it lasts a long time. It sort of has a citrus smell to it and after it softens to a nice flowery scent.

Arettlsar T.
I use to have this product

I use to have this very pefurm years ago and I will love it big time it is very sweet to the nose and makes me feel free and happy. I say it awakens the very inner Goddess within.

Arait M.

This is one of my spring scents, its lights and citrusy and give you that " Oh my God, I feel clean" feeling.I have yet to try the sunset version of this product but I would definitely encourage person to purchase this is they are looking for a light, spring scent at an affordable price.

Vanya C.
my go to purfume

I love this fragrance so much and it is such a good scent that I remember it from my childhood. my grandma bought this for me one birthday, well she actually bought me the shower gel and I loved it then and I love it now. it is such a soft light fragrance and it stays true for the entire day.

Amber H.

A co worker of mine wears this scent, and she informed me it was on sale at the time. I decided to go ahead and buy myself a bottle at $10. I really like this perfume, it has a very slight citrus smell at first. Throughout the day it leaves a very clean smell... like clean fresh laundry. This is a go to clean scent for me!

Angela V.

I'm sorry I smelled the sample in the catalog and I was like wow that's a nice smell... So I broke down and bought it... I sprayed it on and I cant stand it.. Its to over powering

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Nikki S.
smells amazing

I smelled a sample of this in a magazine and had to have it. It's got such a beautiful scent, very clean and flowery..I love it, I wear it often!

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