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Beauty Product Reviews


I love this palette! I'm not one for crazy colors so this neutral palette is absolutely perfect. I use it for both everyday looks as well as for nighttime and special occasions. I use "Sin", "Sidecar" & "Darkhorse" the most. "Sidecar" is my favorite but there's a lot of fallout when applying so I have to use a tissue underneath my eyes to catch the glitter. Sometimes, I like to leave the glitter fallout for a glitzy-er occasion for some added sparkle. I would definitely recommend this palette :)


I have Baked and I love it for adding a little bit of sparkle in my school's colors for football games. It's a little difficult to build up a solid line but it looks super cute and fun once you get it there! Stays on all day, too :)

Great mineral foundation for the price!

I really like this foundation, it's very light and breathable! People always tell me it doesn't even look like I'm wearing foundation. It gives me just enough coverage to cover up my reddish complexion but still allows my freckles to show through. I used BareEscentuals for a few years but my makeup bag got stolen 2-3x from my schools locker room after dance practice and it was getting expensive to replace. I also am on a tight college student budget so I just need something cheaper, this is a wonderful drugstore mineral foundation.

This is the perfect highlighter! I put it on the top of my cheekbones, inside and outside corners of my eyes, my browbones, and on the bridge of my nose over my foundation. It gives me a perfect glow! I love, love, love this product!

Gorgeous flush!

Benetint is the first tint I've ever purchased, a bit odd I suppose considering it's quite pricey for a college budget! I am very pleased with this product, (just like the description) it gives an innocent yet provocative flush to cheeks and a pretty buildable berry tint that lasts for hours on lips!


Haha, that was a horrible attempt at word play! Anyways, I bought this mascara as I had run out of my usual Maybelline "Full 'N Soft" mascara and thought I'd give it a try since I hadn't already. Hands down the BEST mascara in Maybelline's Volum' Express line! The formula is not wet like "The Falsies" or "Colossal". It is also the first mascara that I've tried that leaves a true soft texture to lashes like "Full 'N Soft", which I looovee. (Who wants their mascara leaving their lashes crispy so you might feel as if they'd break off if brushed the wrong way?) Also, this mascara really does define each one of my lashes staying true to it's name! This is my new favorite with my tried and true "Full 'N Soft" in close second. I would definitely recommend this mascara to anyone!

California Dreams!

I love this collection! I bought all of the colors and they're all awesome. "Teenage Dream" is my favorite of the collection, it looks fabulous layered over a light pink polish and my second favorite, "Last Friday Night", looks sick over black, blue or navy polish. "Not Like The Movies" requires about 3 layers to become opaque but is pretty once you get there, and I love "The One That Got Away" and the Black Shatter is interesting but hasn't grown on me yet.


I purchased the entire collection minus the silver shatter (I'm not a fan of that look). The pink colors are all more "dusty" than they appear in photos online. I was expecting pretty light pinks and roses and I got pink putty. That aside, I do love all of the colors. They compliment my light skin tone and I've received many compliments on them as well. I think that "Skulls & Glossbones" is a dupe for Essies' "Platinum de Playa" but I prefer OPI's brush over Essies' so that's alright. Also, "Planks A Lot" seems to be a dupe for "Do You Lilac It?" but my bottle of that broke so I'm happy to have a replacement of sorts for that color.


A shimmery pale pink that compliments my natural lip color perfectly. Adds that perfect shine when I'm feeling girly :) Also, it's not too sticky! A definite plus for a chapstick girl like myself!


I do a very natural makeup look for everyday and I love that this is just shimmery and pink enough to show up on my pale complexion! It adds an elegant perk up to my eyes. I have been using this shade for 4 years and have even had my make up bag stolen twice out of the girls' locker room in high school and I repurchased this shade both times, even though I replaced most other items with other products :)

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