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Beauty Product Reviews

no, no, no

this is a total waste of money. super greasy, not moisturizing at ALL, strange smell. i'm suprised i didn't like it because i like a lot of their other products.

no more razer burn!

i've tried tons and tons of hair removal creams and shaving creams and this tops them all. since i've started using it a couple of months ago, i NEVER get ingrown hairs or razer bumps in my bikini area. plus the hair grows in much more slowly so i can go an extra day without shaving...whoo hooo!

pretty darn good.

this was sent to me in my birchbox a few months ago. and i've used it on and off since then. honestly i'm soooo bad at taking care of my skin. i work late nights and have a terrible, terrible habit of not washing my face before bed. this comes in so handy because i don't have to remove all of my makeup and THEN cleanse it. it does both jobs at onces. the creamy formula feels like heaven. no weird eyes burning. only drawback is the price. i might just get a big bottle and only use it at night and use something else in the morning...good stuff.

these are so cool!

i purchased the houndstooth pattern a few months ago to try them out for the first time. the dicrections say to apply them to a clean dry nail, but i'm rough on my nails so i used a sticky nailpolish base before i applied them....then i topped them off with a coat of seche vite. instead of using the nail file it came with, i used a crystal file to smooth the edges. they seriously lasted 10 days without chips! i was amazed. next time i grab some i'll either cut them in half so i can get twice the usage out of them, or use them for accent nails...or maybe even use them as french love love

i like it, but i don't love it

first of all, this stuff smells AMAZING! the lemon scent is so refreshing...i'm just not sure if i love the fact that the product is SO thick. it doesn't really allow me to work the product into all the nooks and crannies between my nail and cuticle like i would be with a cuticle oil.

the best topcoat on the planet

this topcoat is a manicure miracle. it makes my polish last sooo much longer without chipping. the shine is amazing and it dries to the touch in minutes. the only setback is that it gets pretty goopy about halfway through the bottle....but that's nothing a little polish thinner can't fix.

wonderful product

i own the Vanity, Greed, and Lust palettes. my favorite is Vanity...i use the dark brown matte for my brows and i use at least one of the other colors from this set almost everyday. the top and middle colors on the matte side of Greed are a little chalky for my taste so i rarely use them. when i'm in for some purple, Lust is great to work with, but the lighter color from the matte side of that palette is chalky as well. other than that i adore these things. great color payoff, average fallout, easy to blend. i need to buy 3 more of vanity. one more for my personal kit and two for my pro kit....if they discontinue these i'll die. well not actually die...but i'll be sad :(

pretty good for what it is

i would use this product on the run. it isn't something i would NEED in my makeup stash, but since i'm notorious for losing my MAC lipglosses, these work well for me when i'm out and about. the colors are cute, they apply well, they last long enough, blah blah blah...just be careful how many times you turn the dial because it's very easy to dispense too much product. then you either end up with a goopy mess and a bunch of wasted product. i'll be buying a ton more because they're only a buck. good buy :)

love the gloss, not the tube

this is good stuff...especially for $1. its thick enough to stay on for a good while without being super glue sticky. the color payoff is great...i notice that with some other "cheap" lipglosses, they all end up looking clear...not these though. the color in the tube is the color you'll get. the only thing i don't like is the tube it comes in. i prefer a lipgloss with a brush or a doefoot applicator for my personal makeup. however, for makeup jobs i like this packaging better because you can just squeeze some product out on a palette without having to use a disposable applicator.

wonderful product, but dries out quickly

i'm kind of obsessed with gel/cream liners. period. i can't remember the last time i've used anything else. my go-to USED to be mac fluidline, but i just can't justify paying that much money for a product that dries out before i get to the end of the jar....that being said, i had to try ELF's cream liner. i love this stuff to death. the only problem is, it also dries out rather quickly. but for $3 i can't really complain. i know Enkore made a video on how to fix your dried out cream/gel maybe i'll try that. but after trying this i will never again use fluidline. ELF's version is JUST as pigmented, has a flawless application and is super smooth. the mini brush it comes with isn't bad in a pinch, either. its too small for everyday use, but if i don't feel like cleaning my regular angled brushes, i'll reach for this little thing. two thumbs up.

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