ORGANIC Root Stimulator

Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion


Latia C.

I use this moisturizer on my hair every single night and I seal it with an organic carrier oil (i.e. coconut oil). For my hair, I find that it keeps my hair feeling very soft and manageable. It has helped my hair grow and has kept it from snapping off from brittleness. I like this product smells and how it doesn't weigh my hair down. I will say this moisturizer is a little heavier than my Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship moisturizer, but it's good for when my hair feels extra dry and brittle. All I need is a little and it's set for the night. This product does have petroleum in it, but it's closer to the end of the ingredient list. All hair is different so what may not work for some, can work wonders for others. So far, it's working a wonder on my hair. Try it out for yourself. You'll know how you feel about the product after a week or so of using it.

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Chevon H.
no, no, no

this is a total waste of money. super greasy, not moisturizing at ALL, strange smell. i'm suprised i didn't like it because i like a lot of their other products.

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Ashley L.

I usually use this as a heat protectant, and my hair is super soft and silky afterwards. The smell isn't half bad and doesn't leave buildup considering my hair is thin.

Dinah D.
Very rich product, smells good

This product is really rich, smells good, nourishes your hair and leaves it shiny and healthy looking. What more could I possibly ask for in a hair lotion? I can't, lol, which is why I love it so much. I have repurchased many times and have been using it for years.

Bella A.

So surprised at how many bad reviews this has as my hair LOVES this stuff! Probably because mine is so thick that it absorbs it really well so it isn't left greasy as some others have said, and I really like the smell. Gives a great shine as well and makes my hair very soft. Would recommend to someone who has VERY thick hair

Kendra F.
I love it

I used this product on my hair for a whole summer while doing twist outs on our wet curly hair. Our hair grew about 3.5 inches. I fell in love with this product. Unless they changed the formula, this product works great and it smells great. I have only used it on my natural hair (my hair without a straightener), so it retained moisture. If you're worried about build up, switch your products ever so often.

Charnell C.

I use this as a heat protectant on wet hair before blow drying. It puts some sheen on the hair and helps straighten edges. Other than that, its not that good for anything else. If you constantly use it, it builds up on the hair and feels greasy. No bueno!

Krystal C.

I found this product very greasy for my hair and it is very thick. Only a dime amount will work. Don't really care for the smell. It might be good for people with really dry hair.

Necole P.

I didn't really care for this product. It is moisturizing at first it seems, but it doesn't really keep the moisture on your hair. My hair is extremely dry and I found unless I used this product day and night, my hair would be dry again.

Tsai-ann H.
Not that good

I dont know if its just me but the product is not the best. It smells good but its not a good formula, the product is very very oily and leaves my hair extremely dry.