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Beauty Product Reviews

I love this mascara. I purchased this a couple of times and never has it once disappointed me. I love the application because I don't have to use a heavy hand to apply and it's barely ever clumpy. Def will purchase again!

I purchased this product a couple years back and really liked it. The cons about this product is that you can feel it weigh heavily on your skin. I love the coverage but I do not like how it feels. I find this foundation very comparable to Makeup Forever's HD foundation but much better because it is lighter and the coverage is about the same. It is a good foundation but not the best.

I purchased this a couple of years ago & would say this was one of my favorite nude lipsticks. I'm not sure if they discontinued Circe but I heard from someone that they did so I no longer bothered to check after. :( Goes on smooth & has a great color pay off.

I purchased this product in the color Orgasm & it's such a beautiful color. It's a light pink shade with gold shimmers that go well with my complexion. This blush is really popular & is popular for a reason!

I've purchased this so many times. Nothing beats Blankety. I love how much more smoother it is than other MAC lipsticks and it gives a great finish to my dark smoky eyes!

This is my absolute favorite all time brow liner!! I can't stress enough about how great this product is. I've tried about 5 different liners and I seriously fell in love once I used this. It's not a harsh color and if I wanted to go soft with my brows, I can easily just use a light hand and it can fulfill my every need! I bought about 5 of these cause I'm crazy and I'm definitely very much in love with how brows are shaped. People compliment me on how my brows look & in photos, it looks pretty natural. You can go intense and soft with this liner which is why I love it so much!!

This palette has a ton of beautiful useful colors. When I do a makeup look, whether's it's Halloween based or a everyday look, this palette has it all. One thing I noticed about this palette is that when I pick up some product with the brush, there's a lot more fall out than I would have expected. Besides that, it's a very good palette with great colors that can be easily shown without packing crazy amounts of shadow!

I definitely will re-purchase this! The texture/feel of this foundation is ridiculously light, yet it's coverage is as good as a thick/heavy foundation. If you're looking for good coverage without feeling like there's so much on your face, this is the way to go! I love how smooth it runs on the face. The consistency of this miraculous foundation is def one of the best foundations I've worn yet! Give it a try, it won't hurt! ( I sound like a commercial.. Haha. )

I don't think this product is amazing but it's a pretty decent exfoliater. In terms of helping to control acne & blackheads, it will disappoint you. I haven't seen any difference yet with my acne nor my blackheads. ( I've been using this for a year. ) This product is good for having a good clean but some may find it a bit harsh if their skin is sensitive.

This product is definitely something I'd recommend for people who deal with acne scarring. Every time I break out and I have a nasty scab ( which is terribly hard to hide with concealor ), I apply this over night & within 1-2 days, the scabs heals remarkably fast. Afterwards, applying it every morning & night definitely does a difference but after a couple of days, the improvement isn't as noticeable as before. Still a good product though! I'm not sure if it helps with stretch marks but acne scars & scabs are the way to go with this product!