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Beauty Product Reviews

A Cool Effect

This was my first time trying the magnetic nail art, and I loved it. The effect was amazing and the nail colour was gorgeous! I am a big fan of Sally Hansen's nail polish because of the coverage. If you can find it definitely pick it up

Just Right

I am not a big blush user. I have a lot of red naturally in my face so I don't tend to need blush, but I love this product. You do have to watch because the blush is very pigmented (which is not a bad thing) but just make sure not to use a lot and always tap off the brush. When I need a little extra oomph this blush is perfect for just the apples of the cheek.

I'm in love

I am usually not one to have favourite mascaras, but this one is amazing. I absolutely love what it does to my lashes. I am very fortunate to have naturally long lashes and this simply coats my lashes and lifts them so they look naturally voluminous. I would recommend this product to anyone! It is a must have!

Falling' in love

I recently purchased my first models own nail varnish in the colour beach party which is a neon orange colour. I was very excited to give it a go and had already fallen in love with the packaging. The formula is a good consistency and dries quickly which is a huge plus for me. With this shade it took me about 3 coats to get a really nice even opaque finish. If you have access to a boots I suggest picking up models own so you can try it as well! They run for about £5.

A little dark

In the summer this is perfect for me, the colour fits my skin when it has had a little sun and I like the sheer aspect of the formula. I have fairly good skin that only needs some evening out. It does create a dewy finish as well so if you have combination to oily skin you may want to try their matte finish bb cream

A nice penny saving powder

I am a big lover of finding products that are really good for those on a budget. This is one of those products. I found this powder for $5 at Target and I use it to set my makeup. I use it mainly as a translucent finisher. It is sheer so of you do want a powder that covers more this may not be for you.


I quite enjoyed this product. The two brush option really allowed you to customize the way you wanted to wear your mascara that day. I personally like the look of thick black lashes. So normally I would use both brushes daily.

Swear by it

If I ever do find my skin is stressed or I am having a little breakout I turn to this product. It exfoliates my skin and really soothes any area that is spot covered without drying out my skin. The smell is lovely as well. The only thing I know some people struggle with is the texture and green colour.

Is it worth it?

I will say I do like the mascara, it coats the lashes nicely and lifts them as it says. Sadly I don't find it is any more spectacular than the drugstore mascaras that you can find for the third of the cost. To me mascara is one of those things it's okay to stick with a lesser expensive brand.

I swear by this

I have struggled with my skin for a long time and once I started using this product I have found my skin clear and soft. I do have normal to dry skin and I find this cleanser really cleans my skin while not drying it out.

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