Models Own

Nail Polish


Abi W.
number one polish

the colours are so varied and pigmented, certain colours are more pigmented than others however. utopia has to be my favourite and i apply 2 coats. love them. 100% recommend to everyone.

Taylor C.

I love the the colours are definitely what they promise do be and they suit everyone. There are thousands of colours and shaded. I know they are 5 pound but they last you ages and they are worth it

Emma-Louise W.

Another of my favourite brands for nail varnish. These literally last years! I have a pastel pink & yellow that have lasted 4years! they're not gloopy and haven't gone all funny. They're as good as the day i purchased them. You only ever need 1 coat of the collection of colours i have & models own nail art pens add an extra effect to the nail varnish if you want to spicer it up a little. Love Models own as they're always having offers on their website so you can get extra little goodies ^_^

Sara B.

This is one of my favorite nail polishes! It's very creamy, and smooth. One of my favorite colors is beach party! It's so vibrant, and really stands out. It's a lovely brand of polish to have in your collection. It's very different from the rest because, it doesn't need a top coat to become smooth! I love it!!

LBD Girl s.
Falling' in love

I recently purchased my first models own nail varnish in the colour beach party which is a neon orange colour. I was very excited to give it a go and had already fallen in love with the packaging. The formula is a good consistency and dries quickly which is a huge plus for me. With this shade it took me about 3 coats to get a really nice even opaque finish. If you have access to a boots I suggest picking up models own so you can try it as well! They run for about £5.

Leena T.
lovely Texture and one of the really good quailty polish
Photo of product included with review by Leena T.

love the colors and formula and over all the outcome of the products!! one of my all time favorite. Never the less i found the color selection of model owns is quite unique and all different then other brand out there. Good quality and pigmented polishes!! lovely to have in the collection. check out the detail review at

Stephanie H.
My Favorite Nail Polish Hands Down!
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie H.

The pigmentation on this polish is madness. With all the colors I own it takes one coat. The color on your nails truly matches the polish in the bottle. I never have a problem with chipping. This is an all around amazing polish brand!

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Stephanie H.
Amazing Polish!

I am in love with Models Own Nail Polishes. They are great quality. Not steaky or sheer. They come in wonderful colors. The packaging is adorable! They are worth every penny! I have seen not seen a nail polish company match their pigmentation.

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