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beauty isn't make up. but.. make up builds self esteem which makes your inner beauty lighten up like a rainbow!

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About Me

I'm new on Beautylish (since 2012)

Follow me on Twitter @larasamiya! Well, to make it short - Get to know me and you'll know enough. I am not saying that I'm a big deal or something like that but in the past I have been doing a lot for beauty and experiences. Btw, my name is Lara Kamberly Samiya :). I have tried and suffered through a lot of products. So I'll be posting a lot on BEAUTYLISH to share with you guys what not to buy or what is absolutely worth buying. Six of my favorite Make Up brands would definitely be MAC, Urban Decay, Chanel, Clinique and Lâncome. If you haven't heard about the ELF page yet - check it out!! I desperately want to help you if you need to know advice in things like make up or hair products or so. I am not an expert but like mentioned through my experiences with make up I have learnt a lot.

Above all the make up I am of course also somebody who loves her friends and family. I am blessed with my beautiful life and the people god has given me. One rule is no matter how many problems you have, you should count your blessings and not your problems.


Eye Color: Blue
Complexion: Medium
Undertone: Neutral
Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive, Normal
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Dry, Fine
Birthday: November 12


You can contact me on Twitter. I recently deleted my Facebook because of private reasons. I even have skype and yes, I do have a cell phone but for private cases.


- blue eyes
- I love asia
- I love adele
- Youtube Guru
- MAC lover
- non alcoholic, non smoker
- I have 1 sister
- my camera is a nikon d3100
- you can contact me on Twitter and Youtube @larasamiya
- My daily visit
- I love my friends and family
- I travel a lot to Tijuana, Santa Barbara and Santa Monica
- I love The Big Bang Theory
- Constantly shop online and (ELF <- amazing!)
- My family and me live in Munich (originally)
- I don't drive (Yet)
- I love nice people
- I adore doggies:)