Beauty Product Reviews

the only product you need

I purchased this product along with the setting powder. This product is perfect in my opinion. The level of coverage is absolutely magnificent; it quickly and effortlessly hides my dark circles and pigmentation with such a tiny amount. When warmed by your fingers, it blends into your skin with such a natural finish. I top it with powder to set, and it lasts for the -entire- day and night. Normally my dark circles will peek through by the end of the day, but not with this product.

Because it covers so well, I use such a small amount and top with powder. I don't even need to wear foundation anymore to help with initial coverage, this product does it all in one step.

It wears beautifully, it doesn't crease or do anything weird. I do recommend wearing a good moisturizer beforehand, and warm the product up before you use it. Definitely use your fingers.

Silky Resistant finish

This is an excellent finishing powder, though the above photo is not accurate. The shade I have is 'translucent' and is much lighter. This powder leaves a 'powdery' finish at first, but settles into a silky finish that keeps your makeup in place. I use this powder over Make Up For Ever Face and Body.

I notice a slight shimmer under direct light, but otherwise it wears with a nice natural finish. This powder does not settle in my pores or smile lines, and it does not become greasy or gunky. I find it acts like a little dry shield for my skin.

Perfectly natural

This is an excellent, natural and fresh looking foundation. I rub it onto my face with my fingers like I would a tinted moisturizer. It leaves me with flawless (but not too flawless) coverage. I still use a concealer for pigmentation and my purple eye circles.

The feel and wear of this foundation is what sets it apart for me. It doesn't do strange things by the end of the day like crack, flake, clump, settle, or fade off. When I set with powder (Korres Wild Rose) my foundation looks the same as I did when I first applied it.

My skin has a tendency to turn very greasy with most foundations, but not this one. The shade is a perfect match too, not too yellow. I'm extremely happy with this product and will repurchase as long as I can.

Does not become greasy

This is my favourite moisturizer without SPF. It is not as soothing as La Roche Posay Cicaplast, rather this cream is good for everyday. This cream does not cause breakouts or oiliness near the end of the day for me. It is not sufficiently moisturizing for my eye area or very dry patches, but otherwise very good overall.


This would seem like a very frivolous product (water in a can...) but it does relieve my skin when irritated, particularly around my eyes. It sprays a very fine mist which feels good on itchy, sun/wind burned, overheated, or dry skin. I sprayed some on my face just now, let it dry, and there is a slight reduction in redness along with a soothed feeling. My eye area in particular feels much better. To the touch, my skin is slightly smoother.

Good for pigmentation and blackheads

My skin is fair and gets hyperpigmentation spots so easily. This mask helps to fade the spots and brighten my skin overall. It also helps with blackheads on my nose.


This cleanser is great when your skin is oily. I only use this cleanser once a day at most, otherwise it can be drying. It feels refreshing, and like the Clarifying Mask, brightens my skin after use. I will repurchase this cleanser.


This mask gives your skin a deep-clean feeling. It goes on thick and opaque like a good clay mask. It sucks your skin really well and leaves it feeling refreshed, but not dry. I notice my skin looks brighter after use. I will definitely repurchase.


This is a great cream for using after harsh acne treatments. It feels healing on the skin and protects the skin from further irritation. I usually use this product at night.


This is a refreshing spray, more for something indulgent and soothing rather than an actual toner. It has an herbal medicinal scent which I love. This is great for refreshing your skin in hot weather and setting powder makeup. This is one of very few products I've used up and repurchased.