Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask

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cher t.
Glowy radiance

I use the this Ren mask once a week. Initially I was a bit apprehensive to use the mask, because I have reactive and very sensitive skin. I have been using this mask for the past six months and I have had no reaction to it. I swear every time I use this mask I get complements on my skin. It leaves your skin with a glowy radiance and baby soft. If you are a little worried this mask may be too harsh for your skin the company sells kits with this mask in a sample size. If you use it once a week that sample size will last you a month and a half. At $55 the 50 ml is worth it. I am still working on my first bottle and will not be needing a new bottle any time soon. When I do run out I am definitely repurchasing.

Kelly O.
favorite mask ever

I was hesitant to buy this mask because of its steep price, however it is COMPLETELY worth every penny. I use it about two or three times a week and it completely smooths any bumps or blemishes I may have. It makes pimples go down quickly and also really helps with hyperpigmentation!! I have some mild post-acne dark spots around my cheeks and chin area and this mask has truly helped lighten them. The mask is also super refreshing to wear. It smells like fruit and feels very moisturizing when it's on. It stays moist on your skin; it doesn't dry up like other masks to the point where you can't move your face it's so stiff. I love this fact because with other masks I get annoyed with the dryness and take them off before the suggested time. But I can leave this mask on as long as I want without feeling uncomfortably dry. I will continue to repurchase forever!! I hope they never get rid of it!!

Katherine E.
Good for pigmentation and blackheads

My skin is fair and gets hyperpigmentation spots so easily. This mask helps to fade the spots and brighten my skin overall. It also helps with blackheads on my nose.

Bethany B.
Miracle Mask!

I use this weekly slong with a green clay mask by Burt's Bees. The BB mask is for controlling my oily skin and cleaning my pores. This one is forbrightening my skin and improving its texture and tone. The packaging makes it very easy to dispense the right amount with absolutely no mess. It smells like orange marmalade and makes my face itch a little when it's on, but the results are worth both those aspects, as well as worth the price tag! My skin is noticeably brighter and smoother throughout the following week, and this is coming from a skin mask skeptic. I've never had any dryness or irritation from using this mask. Just fantastic results. Can't live without it!

Zoe M.

So I was very half half when buying this mask, mostly because of the $55 price tag however, I am so happy I indulged because WOW. I used this product yesterday and after taking it off I didn't see much difference.. BUT waking up this morning I was pleasantly surprised! I have some pigmentation left from pimples and I have been trying everything to get rid of them and renew that area of skin. After using this yesterday, that area has dramatically changed to a more pink tone. It has definitely calmed the red area. I recommend this 100%. Happy masking.

Natalie C.
Great Companion Mask

I use this once a week after I use another mask. I know, I use 2 facial masks, one right after the other, but it really helps my skin in the end. The first mask I use is a clay mask which clears my pores and skin from toxins and sebum, then after I wash that off I put this mask on. This mask gives me this lit from within glow to my skin and I honestly think the clay mask I use before this product helps to become that much more effective. End result for me is glowing, even toned skin. It also helps to deal with the work week ahead. Pollution and weather take a toll on my skin so it's a good start to the week.

Anneka F.
Great all rounder mask.

This face mask is fantastic - if you have very sensitive skin maybe stay away from it. But otherwise, give it a go! It has a very unique smell - I love it. And its a kind of gummy texture - leave it on your skin for about 10 minutes then wash it off, your skin will feel softer, smoother, blemishes will have decreased. It gives a gentle exfoliation too. Brightening as well! Doesn't dry your skin out either. Love it.