Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick


Amanda R.
Photo of product included with review by Amanda R.

I bought this foundation stick probably 2 - 3 years ago and I use it every day I'm wearing makeup. It's EXTREMELY thick so it's always best to warm it up with your fingers. It covers redness like a dream. However, if you've got bad acne scarring like I do, if you try to cover it, it may end up being a little cakey. But, all in all, if you're looking for a heavy duty concealer (which is what I use it for) this is a great buy that's worth the money.

Katherine E.
the only product you need

I purchased this product along with the setting powder. This product is perfect in my opinion. The level of coverage is absolutely magnificent; it quickly and effortlessly hides my dark circles and pigmentation with such a tiny amount. When warmed by your fingers, it blends into your skin with such a natural finish. I top it with powder to set, and it lasts for the -entire- day and night. Normally my dark circles will peek through by the end of the day, but not with this product.

Because it covers so well, I use such a small amount and top with powder. I don't even need to wear foundation anymore to help with initial coverage, this product does it all in one step.

It wears beautifully, it doesn't crease or do anything weird. I do recommend wearing a good moisturizer beforehand, and warm the product up before you use it. Definitely use your fingers.

Katie L.
My favourite concealer!

I recently picked up a Smashbox concealer while it was on sale, but inevitably found myself coming back to this Vichy product. Even at regular prices, it retails for more than the SB, but I find it to work flawlessly with my skin.

I've had no caking whatsoever and it has paired sensationally with my BB cream (Skin79 VIP). I have acne prone skin and horrendous dark circles (especially these last few weeks), but with this concealer, I feel so much better about my face. I feel like it lets people see my eyes and the like instead of my acne.

Bright and obnoxious flash in my face? I look like a half-blinking moron, but my skin still looks pretty. That's generally how I like to test whether a concealer/foundation/cream/whatever compliments my skin. I won't upload the awful photo though. Haha.