Wild Rose Mineral Setting Powder


Erin H.
This is amazing

...so I'm not quite sure why more people haven't reviewed this powder but it is AMAZING. I tried it right in Sephora. I asked one of the salespeople about a good finishing powder and she drew a line on my arm with eyeliner (stila waterproof smudge stick) and then took me to this finishing powder. She put this powder over the eyeliner and told me to try to rub the eyeliner off. It wouldn't budge!!!! I couldn't believe how well this powder kept the eyeliner in place. I've used it ever since and it's awesome.

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Retro R.
Beautiful powder

I bought this powder a few months ago along with the korres mineral foundation. It's very light, translucent really and beautifully milled. It has subtle shimmer but doesn't look oily. I finally discovered the best results by using this lightly over liquid foundation. It makes you look radiant! The problem is flashback when you take pics. This powder will show up in spots or patches in flash photography. Other than that, it looks amazing outside in natural light/ in person. It also lasts forever!

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Katherine E.
Silky Resistant finish

This is an excellent finishing powder, though the above photo is not accurate. The shade I have is 'translucent' and is much lighter. This powder leaves a 'powdery' finish at first, but settles into a silky finish that keeps your makeup in place. I use this powder over Make Up For Ever Face and Body.

I notice a slight shimmer under direct light, but otherwise it wears with a nice natural finish. This powder does not settle in my pores or smile lines, and it does not become greasy or gunky. I find it acts like a little dry shield for my skin.

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Heath A.
simply the best

Erin (below) described the wonders of this powder, but if you don't believe her, try it for yourself! It's perfect especially if your skin is dry(ish). Has this fantastic ability to make your skin look glowy without making it look shiny, and (for me) one application in the morning lasts all day.

Not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I find that most powders kind of gunk up on my skin and make my pores look huge. Other powders, ahem, Bare Minerals, look great at first and then make my face look even shinier than it would have if I hadn't worn anything at all.

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Monya M.
It's sparkly.

This stuff makes me feel pretty. It sets the foundation just fine at first--I've used it with both RCMA and Estee Lauder Double Wear. It doesn't mattify for long, so if you're looking for something to soak up an oily T-zone, this is not your best choice.