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This is another one of my favorite Indie Lee products... I love that I can use this bar on my body, and my face, which is amazing considering how sensitive my skin is... This cleansing bar is gentle, has a light clean scent, and makes your skin feel soft, clean and nourished. Plus it is 100% natural. Doesn't get any better than that! I love this!!! Definitely a must try.


I am in love all of the Indie Lee products that I've tried, but this one was definitely a favorite! I love the light scent of this, it's very subtle and earthy; not at all overwhelming. I love how you can pick up a hint of the Sandalwood! It absorbs quickly, and leaves your skin soft, balanced and glowing. I would strongly recommend this!

The perfect facial moisturizer!

I have super sensitive skin that can be very dry sometimes... I have always had a really hard time finding my perfect moisturizer for my face. Most facial lotions either left my skin still dry, irritated, oily or broken out... This was so light and fresh feeling, yet my skin was moisturized and balanced all night! It didn't even feel dry the next morning after I washed my face again... You don't need to apply a ton of product, and it absorbs very quickly without making your face feel greasy. I will never use another facial moisturizer ever! Definitely try this!

MUST have!

This is the best body scrub I have ever used! It not only smells amazing, but it leaves your skin feeling fresh and moisturized! My favorite thing about this scrub is that it is 100% natural, so you know you are using something that is not only great for your skin, but SAFE for your body!

Really awesome!

I really love most of the Yes To products... Their face wipes are probably my favorite products, because they are effective and convenient! Considering how quickly I go through them, they are a little pricey, but well worth it considering the performance as well as the fact that they are about 99% natural. I love the Blueberry kind because they really do brighten up your complexion. They remove makeup really well, but I use them for a lot of other purposes... I have dry skin in the fall/ winter time and I have used this to add a little moisture to my skin when I don't have any lotion... It is also perfect for mornings when you showered the night before, and don't want/ have time to wash your face again in the morning... It gets the excess dirt/ oil off, brightens your skin, and gives you a moisturized glowy feeling! Definitely try these!!

Wonderful product!

I love Burt's Bees! I remember when they used to only have lip balms, and I am just super impressed with how much they have grown, and how many amazing products they have available today... I tried their tinted lip balm a few weeks ago, and love it. I am such a lipstick girl, (always have to have something on my lips), but this is really nice because it moisturizes your lips really well, and gives a natural tint! I even wear it to bed sometimes haha! I have only tired the Tiger Lily shade, but really want to try the Honeysuckle... If anyone has tried it, let me know how you like it!!


I love this foundation! I have tricky skin... It's sensitive, dry but can get oily with the wrong makeup; especially when it comes to foundations! I used to use Smashbox's HD foundation, which I loved! But when I saw this, I wanted to try it... I use it under the Tarte Pressed Powder foundation, and my skin stays balanced, and hydrated without becoming too oily after hours and hours of wear. It has buildable coverage, and comes in almost every complexion shade you can think of. I have also used it on clients, and it is ideal for on set projects such as photo shoots... It's around $40 a bottle, but lasts a pretty long time.


I love all of the Dr. Bronner products; especially their magic liquid soaps! This one is my favorite for washing my face and hair! I have never had anything clean my skin so well, while also leaving it balanced! Definitely try it! All of their products are 100% chemical free, certified organic, certified fair trade and VERY affordable!!

great products!

This is a great deal... you get to try 5 different Smashbox products for about $20. The product sizes are smaller than the regular sizes of coarse, but they still are a decent amount of product. The photo finish foundation & lid primers are amazing... they both help to create flawless, all day/ all night wear... I have even just worn the lid primer by itself to give my lids a clean, matte finish. The limitless eye liner is smudge proof and it goes on really well. The hyperlash mascara is also a great product, & it has an amazing brush that helps you achieve super defined lashes. Last, but not least, the lip enhancing gloss in "Illume" is perfect for finished a look. I'm not a huge fan of lip gloss on myself, but for this, I make an exception! Great find, definitely try this kit!


This is great for anyone looking to try several different Smashbox products without spending a bunch of money... Smashbox's photo finish primer is a must for all of my clients... it feels great on your skin, evens out fine lines and other imperfections, helps your makeup stay put & creates an ideal canvas for your foundation. The HD concealer is another favorite of mine... it's perfect for covering blemishes & spots, evening discoloration, & brightening the skin under & around your eyes. When concealing blemishes or spots, I use my finger to apply & dab! The HD foundation is lightweight, blends really well & has buildable coverage. I love how dewy & glowy it makes my skin look! The Halo powder is great to give your complexion a clean matte finish... I also love how you can twist the top of the container to dispense only the amount of powder you need. This kit is definitely a great find!

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