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Moisturizing Oil

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Draper D.
Amazing product
Draper D.'s Review Image

Love this so much! My skin looks amazing. It was always dry but no more. Thank you so much

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Nancy-Lee C.
This is my 5 star Night time favourite!

I have been using the Squalane Oil since February 2012 and it has changed the way I moisturize my skin. While casually reading product reviews on BeautyARMY one day, I saw another member mention that she likes the Lavender Oil for night time, to help her relax. Genius! Once it popped up in my window, I pounced!

Already knowing how amazing this oil is, I was apt to discover the scent. It's perfect. At night time, I use it after my Toner and apply 3 drops in a pressing-style of application. Instead of rubbing my face which can create more oil, I drop the oil onto my fingertips, press my left and right hands together to distribute the product and then press my fingertips onto my skin in an upward almost rocking motion.

Indie Lee's The Daily Moisturizing Oil in Lavender has never irritated my skin, caused additional breakouts nor have I found the aroma to be overpowering. Perhaps it is mind over matter but I truly feel more relaxed at night. Selected in my June BeautyARMY kit, which you can see here, it came just the day before we were leaving for iMATS. Super excited to have it on my journey, not only as a travel sized vessel but to help me sleep while I was away from my own bed. Retailing for $28, this all-natural moisturizer earns a coveted 5 out of 5 stars. I will absolutely purchase the full size when my sample runs dry - and I will refill this sweet vessel for my next adventure.

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Daisy B.

I wanted to use something natural other than lotion to moisturize my skin and I am happy I found this. I love it, it's not overly greasy and my skin absorbs it quickly. I love the smell of it too. I use it on my five year old son as well instead of lotion and it doesn't irritate his skin at all.

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Sining  T.
Best oil

I love these so much and I end up buying all three of them. They are hydrating and easily absorbed into the skin. The vanilla one doesn't really have much of a smell, I love the scent of the lavender one but the one I got has a different opening system which leaks some oil every time I use it (but thanks to Beautylish who is working on it). Overall I hands down favor the Patchouli Sandalwood one.

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Varsha V.
I felt pure happiness, no other way to describe it.

When I applied this oil to my face, I just melted. I didn't even know if I was still living, it felt that amazing. I think the reason this oil is so amazing is that it's hydrating without leaving a residue. I don't mind a greasy residue, as my mother used to make me massage my hair and face with sesame oil once a week until I left home. But this level of hydration I received from Indie Lee's oil was unprecedented. Hours later, literally after 9 hours of sleep, my face still feels soft, moisturized, and healthy. I am extremely happy, and I definitely will be buying this again when I run out.

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Christie E.
I cannot live without this

Hippie jokes aside, I fell in love with this oil upon first whiff. I love earthy, wood, musk type perfumes, so this oil is perfect. I use it primarily as a body oil and have not tried it on my face. I use the squalane oil. I have dry skin and the oil absorbs quickly without feeling greasy. The aroma lasts a long time. The 4 oz bottle is a generous size. I use it daily and still have 1/2 bottle after 6 months.

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Maria G.
The Perfect Moisturizing Oil

I recently purchased several products from Indie's skincare line. I found that her brand/products had stellar reviews, so I was definitely excited to try them out. The reviews for this oil caught my attention and I knew I had to have it. I purchased this scent in particular because of its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory claims. I suffer from psoriasis, so my face has some redness with minor inflammation that makes my skin look textured. I cleanse my face, use toner (CoQ10 also by Indie Lee), and apply this product in pressing motions.

This product really makes my skin glow! My skin looks so healthy and radiant when applying this oil, far from oily. It is not greasy, is well absorbed, and sits beautifully on the skin. It does not make my skin cakey when I wear makeup, it actually makes my skin look like it's lit from within. So far, all of the products I have purchased from Indie's collection work great in conjunction with makeup products. No flaking, oiliness, or cakey-ness here.

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Sharyn B.
Never using lotion again...

#obsessed #customerforlife #ifinallygetit Can't wait to try the other formulas, especially the sandalwood. This will be a holiday gift from me to many. Note that this is not a substitute for perfume or body spray scents - it's an amazing hydration system that will make you toss out your over priced body lotions that leave behind residue with minimal effect. This truly makes my skin feel like butter all day and night and is a great base for my perfume. So happy...

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Kelley F.

I am in love all of the Indie Lee products that I've tried, but this one was definitely a favorite! I love the light scent of this, it's very subtle and earthy; not at all overwhelming. I love how you can pick up a hint of the Sandalwood! It absorbs quickly, and leaves your skin soft, balanced and glowing. I would strongly recommend this!

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Sining  T.

love these so much and I end up buying all three of them. They are hydrating and easily absorbed into the skin. The vanilla scented one doesn't really have much of a smell but it's good to use for day time so it doesn't over powering my perfume.

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