Beauty Product Reviews

Best drugstore eyeshadow I've ever used!

Usually when I buy a drugstore shadow I'll use it for a week and then forget about it. I bought this quad a few months ago and it's still sitting in reach on my vanity. I haven't put it away yet!

These colors are extremely pigmented and blendable. The glitter is very fine and adds a nice shimmer to the eyes. It's not over the top or chunky. They blend easily and I don't notice much fading if any throughout the day. The colors in the quad I bought all look beautiful together and are very versatile. I can use this quad for daytime and nighttime loosk.

Overall I'm so happy I bought this quad and hopefully I'll purchase another one soon!

Fun product but definitely not a necessity

I've been using this item on a pretty regular basis for the past 2 weeks and I really like it. I usually don't buy face products from drugstore brands but I was really intrigued by the shade adjusting feature in the product.

I am lucky enough to have very clear skin so I've worn this product alone as a sheer foundation as well as used it underneath my foundation and powder.

The product blended well into my natural skin tone and helped even out the redness in my T-zone. I would not recommend wearing this alone if you have blemishes or heavy discoloration because it gives extremely sheer coverage when worn alone.

When wearing it underneath my foundation I found my redness reduced and my foundation did last a little longer.

The only downside of this product is the price. $6 is not that expensive compared to other primers but there is very little product. I definitely think what they give you is worth only $4.

Either way it's a cool product but not necessary to your foundation routine. I like it for reducing redness and if I continue liking it I might purchase it again when I run out.

It really is streak free!

I bought this product prior to a spring break trip to Jamaica and it was so worth it! I used it before leaving when I was pasty white and it gave me that perfect hint of bronze glow that I wanted. It was just enough to look natural, like I already had a little sun. After I returned from my trip with awkward tan lines and a little spotted I used it again to help even out my skin tone and give me a little extra boost, which it did. This lotion is great if you want an even medium streak free tan. It gives you just the right amount of color where it doesn't look fake. If you're looking for a dark tanner than this won't be right for you. I see it more as an intense tinted moisturizer.

The application of it really is streak free. Just make sure to coat it on your body evenly and let it dry for about 15 minutes before putting on clothing. Also make sure to wash your hands after or else they will look a little orange. The scent of it is wonderful and it also really helped my dry skin.

I love this product and will definitely purchase it again!

Great value!

I initially was a little skeptical of this product just because of how cheap it is. However I was Stunned to discover I love it! It comes with two shades if you're into switching up your brow color depending on your looks. Also the wax is PERFECT is you have stray hair in your brows. Even the little brushes it comes with work great. I pick this over my sephora and mac brow pencil! Definitely no need to spend $10+ on a brow pencil or wax. NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder is all you need!

Great for those who like sparkle

I got this palette because I really wanted a product that would give me a wide variety of shadow colors and would be wearable for everyday looks. I've had this palette for about a year now and I am totally in love with 6 of the 10 shadows. Sin, Last Call, Chopper, Grifter, Smog, and Maui Waui I would all buy again. But... Polyester Bride, Oil Slick, Mildew, and Shattered definitely leave something to be desired. Polyester Bride is way too glittery and has tons of fallout. I always end up with glitter on my cheeks, even when I wear a primer. It also is not as pigmented as I'd like it to be. Oil Slick is okay but it is definitely not my go-to black when I do smokey looks (I prefer Mac's Carbon, not a fan of rainbow glitter.) Shattered looks gorgeous in the pan but when I put it on my eye it looks like a pale washed-out blue. I was expecting something much more pigmented. Mildew is just a downright ugly color. I don't see how it fits in with this palette. But that's just my personal preference. I'm not a fan of dark moldy greens.

Another qualm I have with this palette is that every shadow's finish is very shimmery. I would've liked some matte shadows thrown in to give it some contrast. But I guess that's what you get with Urban Decay. They're all about sparkle.

Overall I'd give it a 6/10. Sin is by FAR one of my favorite shadows of all time. The others are amazing as well. This is definitely a great starter palette if you're looking to experiment with colored and sparkly shadows.