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Got it

love it just need more but it pricey i wish it come in a bigger bottle for the price! will by again in the future i love this color and i like how it goes on the did not send me a pump that was my down fall but above all i love it..

Got it

Love it like to mix it with some colors give it a ombre effect love this lipstick i give it 6 stars=)I recommend this product highly mac needs to make more of lady gaga and nicki manij lipsticks..

I got mines

I got mines finally love so far and both palettes are worth the 50 ill rebuy again in the near future' i recommend it too all who love to be neutral on occasion ... i love this palette i give it 5 stars

i like it

it really shimmer pretty color i love how smooth it goes on.. very pretty color very pretty i would love to buy it again. i also would recommend it to myfriends

like it

It a nice product to play with as well i like it but i does have it down fall from time to time i ll buy again i ll recommend if u like to glitter things up'=)

love them

They are awesome in my opinion very pigment. i love how the colors work well together i would recommend this if u looking for make in a good price range good ideas for xmas if there is someone who looking for good pigment makeup,, i recommend for all

like it

I like how it makes my skin looks so smooth i like to continue using this product , but i also have a favorite i use.. it was affordable and i just have one issue it has a paint smell... that a bit much but above all i ll give it a 9

Love this palette

Took for forever to get it but i love it i like how the colors come together so good with the blending and also how smooth they go on some fall out but no big deal i wish they could have add more shadows prehasp a blush are something for the price but it was worth me getting i ll repurchase again;) love this


love it love it i love this it goes good on my skin my color is carmel 010 i will always use this product love it alot.. i like how it goes on my skin real smooth give good coverage in my opinion.

Love this stuff

I love this mascara it awesome i would by this item again and again ,It makes my lashes stand out alot i love this maybelline u have done your job keep them coming:)

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