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Sugarpill Cosmetics

4-Color Palette


Tiffany P.
Very soft texture

Because the texture of the shadow in the palette is soft, you have to make sure not to apply too much on your brush or you will make a mess like I did! The colors are very pigmented and showed up great on my dark skin. I used all 4 of the colors in the palette to create my look. What I liked is that the colors, separately, are very "wearable" if you don't want the super creative eye makeup look that is so popular now. The shadows were very easy to blend and I also liked the lashes, which made my eyes look so much bigger. They (lashes) were lightweight and didn't feel like my lids were weighed down like with other brands.

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Michty M.

I don't know how I lived before these Sugarpill palettes! All the shadows are amazingly bright with awesome payoff. I use them as much as I can and delight every time I do. The colours blend well, expecially for mattes, and have great staying powder. The bright colours really get your creative juices flowing and the range of shades lets you do so many different looks.

Note: Dollipop (pink from Sweetheart) does stain your lids if you don't use a base. A white cream base or eyeliner completely removes this problem and NYX Jumbo eye pencils help a lot. I personally don't mind and the colour staining isn't very strong anyway.

Such an AWESOME palette!!!

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Mary A.
Love it!
Mary A.'s Review Image

I own the Sweet Heart palette and I love it, especially Sugar Plum. All of the shadows are very pigmented and apply and blend fairly well! I think it's a great palette to get if you are just starting out using brighter colours!

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Penelope  H.

i love this you can used it in the day for just play or darken it up for a fun night at the club:) The other thing is almost all these colors can be used to make anyones eyes open up and pop. These colors are the best and would highly recomend these to everyone out there :) follow me you beauties!!

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Jemma grace M.
I need all 3!

I currently have 2/3 of these palettes. Seeing the colors available online initially drew me in, once I received it and saw the color payoff was just as vivid swatched as it appears was what hooked me. These are truly amazing, especially for any wild looks, or blended out for a subtle hint of color. I am a huge Sugarpill fan after this!

Emily H.
Emily H.'s Review Image

Amazing eyeshadow! The beautiful colors are so pigmented it's almost dangerous. They blend very nicely into the skin while keeping the color opaque. The longevity of the shadow is awesome. It lasted me all night on Halloween with no smudges or creases.

Sarah B.
So pigmented, true mattes!
Sarah B.'s Review Image

I bought Heart Breaker over a year ago, I don't know why I waited so long to get the other two! They are all beautifully pigmented. They can be sheered out, or applied opaquely with ease. I LOVE all things Sugarpill I have tried, I use them more often then not. Poison Plum is my go to brow. I use my primer (Too Faced or UD) and NYX Milk underneath.

The packaging is a bit cheaper than my first palette though, I really prefer the thicker quad. Also, I had to hot glue 2 shadows back into the quad, no big deal, but I shudder to think what would have happen if I hadn't been sitting on my bed when they fell out.

Alanna G.

Not just the sweetheart pallet, but all sugar pill shadow products are good quality. The pigmentation in each shadow is amazing and your money is well spent. Tiki and Diamond eyes are two of my favorite colors in their line. It is really hard to come across a white colored shadow that is long lasting, yet this brand has some how figured out the perfect formula for both a matte finish and a shimmer finish. I absolutely love and respect this brand, and will continue to purchase their products!

Katerina P.
Fun and Beautiful

First thing is that this has great color pay off! About six months ago, I put this on my "to purchase" list, but I never got around to using it. I first wanted it for the matte white and as time went by I kinda forgot about it, but then for Halloween I wanted to be Barbie. I looked around at some stores and looked up swatches, but couldn't find a hot Barbie pink for my makeup. Then I came across this palette again and decided to buy it. WOW! You get a lot of shadow and it's just gorgeous. They stay well and blend pretty good too. I've been able to create rainbow effects. The pink and blue make a gorgeous purple when blended together and the blue with the green makes a stunning teal! If and when I run out, I'll definitely repurchase!

Mia Y.
Love the bright colors

I love a great pop of color and one of the first things I ever bought from Sugarpill was the sweetheart palette. I love the colors and at first got a bit scared about how I'd use them because they are so pigmented and saturated. If you are looking for intense rich bold color Sugarpill is the way to go. These eyeshadows are very pigmented and vibrant. They are very smooth and slightly chalky but in a good way these shadows are matte in finish. For the price you get a lot of eyeshadow and I've had this palette for about a year and I still have not hit pan . My most used color is tako the white color it is a favorite of mine to use as a brow bone highlight. The packaging for this project is what initially drew me in its really cute and fun all around a nice addition to anyone's make up collection