3-In-1 Face Makeup SPF 8 Oil-Free


Julianna S.

I just tried this foundation and I love it ! super smooth,makes my skin feel soft and moisturized. I really like how light it felt but gave me good coverage too.

Vana C.

It goes on softly and blends well I have oily to dry skin so it looks great on me it gives this natural skin type oily look medium coverage I mixed mine with boots number 7 matte foundation to help coverage and tone down the shine and have gotten a lot of compliments but other than that Calvin Klein is the only foundation that did not make me brake out. So I will keep getting .

Nina T.
Very impressed!

I'm a die-hard Makeup Forever girl - or I was. But my daughter insisted that I give CK a try and I am so glad I did. The medium coverage is flawless. Goes on smooth and easily lasts through the work day and longer. There was no excess oil and the color stays true. Looks very natural - maybe even a little more natural than MAB!!! And it costs $25 less! I'm converted!

Tessa N.
Very nice

This is an awesome summer time foundation. It's very light and has an SPF of 30 which as an esthetician scores major brownie points with me. My only qualm is that I wish it had just a little more coverage.