Beauty Product Reviews

Great for Everyday Wear

I have these in 3 shades, pomegranate punk, audacious asphalt, and tenacious teal. Overall pomegranate punk is my favorite because it has some amazing sparkle to it. I wore it by itself with some mascara and liner in the waterline and it looked great. You don't have to top these with powder eyeshadow so they won't crease. They're great for quick and easy makeup looks, especially for people who don't have makeup brushes. Also it lasts for an extremely long time. It lasted for approx. 16 hours on me, no creasing whatsoever.

Creamy..pigmented Lib Balm

I have the lip butters in two colors, brown sugar and gumdrop. Unfortunately gumdrop does not compliment my skin tone very well. However, it is just as creamy and moisturizing as brown sugar. I like brown sugar because its kind of a nude for my skin tone. You can tell I'm wearing it but my natural lip color still shines thru. It last for a long period of time without leaving behind any residue like some other lip balms. The reason I didn't give it a 5 star is because of the price. They should reconsider the price seeing that it's technically not a lipstick. $8 for a tinted lip balm is a bit much.

The $1 Brush is better

So I saw this brush at Target and decided to try one since I love the regular $1 eyeshadow brush. First of all its too thick! Like when I pick up color to apply all over my lid, it barely sticks to the hairs because I feel like its to thick. Also, its really stiff and not flexible like the other eyeshadow brush. I thought maybe its made of synthetic hairs so it will work better with foiling pigments and applying cream, or wet pigments. Wrong! It didn't really pick up anything and still didnt apply it like I wanted it to. I def prefer the $1 one's better and this one was $3. This brush only gets used if every single flat eyeshadow brush I own is filthy.

Better than MAC!

So when I was in NYC, I stopped by the Inlgot store in times square and created a 5 shadow square freedom palette. I love the fact that you can pick your own colors and create your own palette. The color variety is amazing. They probably had 100+ colors to choose from. They were all very pigmented and vibrant. And to top it off, they were huge. I got the 5 shadows and the palette for $35. The quality, to me, is better than MAC's. Plus for the price and size, you are getting more bang for your buck. I picked out all vibrant colors, two mattes and three shimmers and they all work so good. These will last you for a very long time also.

Best White Base Ever!

Okay so I'm pretty sure everybody know by now that milk is the absolute best white base ever. It's very pigmented and creamy. It blends out very nice and picks up the true color of any eyeshadow. It never crease on me so thats not a problem. I use for all my bright looks and it last all day

Not worth $8

I purchased this mascara a while ago, and after the first use I had problems. The brush is extremely too big for my eyes. Then the black wasnt even black, it was more like gray. It dried out pretty fast and I didn't see any lengthening and volumizing. I wasted $8 on this when there are plenty other good mascaras for cheaper.

Not so Good :(

Okay so there is many complaints with this foundation. First of all, the color does not "fit me". I've tried like 3 different colors and everyone looks good when I first put it on but like 30 minutes later, I look like a ghost. Then it makes my skin look flaky and patchy. I don't have dry skin plus I use a mosturizer, and primer before hand and it still looks icky on my skin. One time I did my makeup and by the time I finished, I took a makeup wipe and removed it all except my eye makeup. This foundation is not good at all..sorry

Great for a quick everyday look

I used this trio for a quick everyday makeup look to wear to work. Its convienent and compact enough to carry in your purse just in case you dont have time to do your makeup at home. I really loved this trio because the shadows were really soft and pigmented. I used this w/o any primer or base and it lasted all day. I have to go repurchase this because unfortunately it broke :(

Pretty colors, but too sticky

I have at least 5 of these polishes and absolutely everyone that I own, is very thick and sticky. I have tried to thin them out with acetone but it only goes back to the thick consistency the next time I use them. I can get other brands for cheaper or the same price that works a lot better. I have just stopped trying these all together because every one does the same thing, after a couple months, starts getting thick and sticky. I have polishes that I've owned for years and still work just fine.

Smells Wonderful :)

I am a very big Bath and Body works fan so I love a lot of their products. I like the smell of this but its not my go-to scent. Plus everybody wears this so I don't want to smell like everybody else. It is a very heavy scent and lasts for a long period of time on the skin. I have to mix it with unscented oil, to bring the smell down some as I do with all B&BW lotions. Very creamy and smoothe on the skin as well

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